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  1. If Niantic had an official scanner for Pokemo GO for sale at $1.50, would you buy it?

  2. I've tried a tracker for a few days when another player told me about it. I caught  a lot of Snorlax but I felt pretty bad with it. It killed the mood for me and I uninstalled it. I enjoy randomly finding Pokémons and it's even greater when it's not an usual one.

  3. Everyone is guilty either directly or by association including your favorite YouTubers whether they know it or not. Bottom line its happening and its old news and people should find other things to talk about as its been over a yr and its still happening. I'm tired of hearing about. You get help from spoofers in raids whether you know or not as you can't be 100% sure they are not in vicinity its a guessing game sometimes. You run to locations where someone else using a tracker website might tell you in passing there is a 100%IV Tyranitar over there. Data inputted into Silph Road and other websites are submitted by users who are also spoofers and trackers. Lets not mention checking your pokemon IV which according to one update by Niantic is against terms as it created a pop-up stating so on app. Its all BS its like saying hey black market money is illegal but there is no denying it helps the US GDP which benefits all citizens lol. I'm just tired of hearing both sides just play the F**cking Game.

  4. There's a few level 40 players that I run around with who use trackers. I like them for spotting gyms, but I am conflicted on the ones where you can use a sliding scale that shows you were high IV pokemon are at. As much as I want a 100% Evee or Dragonite, I kind of want the excitement of finding it myself. I already feel horrible about letting someone else catch my 100% Raikou, I've been running constantly trying to catch another one so I can trade it to him later. I guess I just want to play as close to naturally as possible. If other people want to use trackers so they only find and catch high IV pokes, that's what they do, but I don't feel comfortable doing it myself.

  5. i feel like "nerby" is so vague, im walking around a neighborhood randomly back and forth…kinda wish the game had a tracker for us so we could find them(nerby pokemon) similar to the pokestop spawns

  6. I don't mind people using a tracker either even though it implies breaking TOS in some way, but it takes away bragging right, and so many people are not honest about it too (lot of players use 3rd party trackers, but only few would admit it to much people). Imo the main issue here, is that 1) it creates differences of game experience/advantage depending if you live in an area with trackers or not, & 2) the most important is that it does not lead Niantic to actually provide us with a worthy in game tracker! This keeps the game from being as fun and fair as possible for the whole Pogo community.

  7. Can anyone tell me a good working tracker?

  8. Niantic has to realize their tracker still isn't perfect, yesterday I was walking to the bank and their was a pokestop and out of the blue a damn Blastoise spawns, just out of range of the pokestop, how many spawns like this could I have missed?

  9. Lets ask Niantics opinion on trackers…pretty sure they would say its cheating. Thus you are not a legitimate player. End of story.

  10. yeah we want to see the triple power up video

  11. Tracking for gyms yes.  Tracking for pokemon?  No.  That takes you out of the "pure" player category.  That's OK, but you can only be a virgin once, dude.

  12. I'll name you one Poke-tuber that doesn't use trackers: me. Lol. Nice video buddy!

  13. I don't see any harm in trackers as long as a person is not a Spoofer

  14. I love your videos man, VERY Informative. Go team valor!!!! Just wanted to say I guess I got lucky man, I caught a wild dratini with a cp of 419 @ level 29. I may have miss understood what you meant. There are several good parks here in fort smith, ar that spawn them from time to time. Pretty nice places to play especially since like only 90,000 or so peeps live here. Lots of active players locally, we all use discord. Thanks again for the awesome uploads bro!

  15. I am a youtuber and I have NEVER… NEVER tried tracking

  16. There are also body building contests that are clean

  17. I used to hate trackers. But the Radar system update literally ruined the game for me. I could have a wild dragonite in 100m and I wouldn't even know if he isn't near a pokestop wich is stupid.
    For example, my city is literally unplayable since all it spawns are Magnemites and Voltorbs. And there is a good spawn point without pokestops, but you never know what wild pokémon you have around since your radar is FULL of just Magnemites and Voltorbs. Literally makes no sense

  18. Too much dust for my blood. It's not the XP, because I'm forty, but the dust is scarce.

  19. No problem with trackers. I prefer them to just spawn, but trackers happen.

  20. I gotta say Prodigy you are one of the Pokemon go players out there..I dont respond much to other youtuber vids…but I just had to say that. Your tips and tricks have helped me emincely (uggh spelling) Keep up the great content!!!

  21. Trainer tips did back out of his first raikou raid because of spoofers…

  22. BenTim will be disappointed.

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