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1000+ Pokemon GO Booster Packs

THIS VIDEO IS INSANE. We got sent over 1000+ Pokemon GO Booster Packs … Yes Pokemon GO .. Pokemon Cards. Don’t ask. But yeah someone has sent us these Fake Pokemon Cards and I thought you know what let’s do a whole video where we unbox the lot and see exactly what we are dealing with here. Let me know if you have any Idea what to do with all these Fake Pokemon Go Pokemon Booster Packs!


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  1. Do a flip it or rip it or a hot sauce challenge or the pin challenge

  2. Why did it say macOS candies for the mankey

  3. unlisted leaf your awesome who agrees

  4. make a time lapse of opening all of them then show us the EXs

  5. LUCKY you should open all in one episode!!!

  6. Do another how to absolutely murder your Pokรฉmon cards video except have more ways

  7. 1:40 what is this, kerbal space program?

  8. lol I am eating popcorn for real lol

  9. You should give half of them away and then keep half of them and open the half you kept for a video and it doesn't have to be one video you can do them just whenever you don't have a video idea or something like that.

  10. 8:05 Pokemon go gottt caughhtt stupid mexicsn bootleg cards

  11. I'd open all of them. even though they're fake it's still fun and a little funny. I got a fake primal clash box that had fake roaring skies cards and I managed two shaymin one pack. it was funny

  12. The PoGo cards look brilliant even for made up ones.

  13. U should some some to the fans including me๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. Sup Unlistedleaf, you should do a giveaway of these pack

  15. Ando I don't think you noticed the typos in the candies and star dust at 5:48 the primeape card has a typo at the candies it says Machop doduo

  16. can I plz have some ANDO plz plz plz!!!

  17. do a hour video of just opening all the cards

  18. I asked for pokemon for my birthday coming up on April 4

  19. Ando do more! Your videos are amazing

  20. You should do a giveaway for a lot of them, or since I'm feeling destructive, wreck them as bad as possible.

  21. Destroy them with unique methods for each card

  22. set them on fire and dance around it ๐Ÿ™‚

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