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1st Time Hitting Level 40:


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  1. A loser in life with multiple accounts that is butthurt is disliking the video but still giving me more views lol. Please make sure you drop a like 🙂
    Also, some of the previous Level 3 and 4 raid bosses are still available.

  2. Its really discouraging that people get a second ex raid pass…

  3. One of my mewtwos is 100% and the other is 97%. I feel so lucky but the system is so rigged. I raid probably once a week but i still have two mewtwos while other trainers raid everyday and have never even received an EX raid pass

  4. 10/10/11 is really unlucky for a Mewtwo, but at least your first one was a beast! I’ve only done one Mewtwo raid and got 2243 (13/12/15), which I was super happy with! Still on the grind to get enough rare candy and stardust to power it up all the way though.

  5. That was wild that day.Last ball, the sad thing about it was that two couldn't get in the raid.

  6. I got this bad boy with my first throw despite an error-26 thanks to the Prodigies Nation throwing method you saw executed so well in the end of this video. Thanks a million again Cruz for giving me the skills to get the job done! Subscribe and like these vids so he can keep up the great work he's doing! 😉

  7. Adrian is the shit and SO ARE YOU dude!!

  8. Yoo pls show some 20 gym streaks m8

  9. They got mewtwo in a alley lol

  10. That exitement is why pokemon players are awesome, congrats to that lady.

  11. I got goosebumps… epic moment! ❤️

  12. Congrats on ur 2nd M2, though kinda ruined the moment cos of its stats… Btw that last ball moment is just so frigging epic… Wish I could do that too, but when it comes to legendary, never works…

  13. I will throw away my mewtwo even if I were to catch it. Never like Mewtwo

  14. Best part seeing a fat chick cry over a game that promotes being active

  15. Doesn't count if someone else caught it for you. ;P

  16. Wow, I've never seen a Mewtwo below 2200! XD My first one was 2200, 73% IVs. I honestly thought that was the lowest it could go, considering everyone else I've raided with has gotten that or above. Never transfer that Mewtwo, bro! It's gotta be some kind of record. LMAO! Love that lady's excitement. Even though it wasn't her first (right?), she was still overjoyed to get another. ^^ I'd wanna hug her, too.

  17. I really like this video. I was so scared for the lady and excited that she caught it on the last ball. That was a perfect ending, very happy for her.

  18. on my 2nd or 3rd Lugia raid some dude tried taking my phone out of my hands so he could catch it for me…

  19. Damn dude, 2189 cp mewtwo.. ? I thought mine was bad 2200 cp. xD

  20. This is why i hate EX raids. I raid everyday at different locations and 0 invites in my area. Yet people have 2…. its an unfair system

  21. great vid…but..i must say, seeing you all do it near a dumpster makes me feel a bit better..we have a group out in Az where Mewtwo raids only appears behind a starbucks near dumpsters and we are very upset about that. I guess we arent the only ones…

  22. damn bro some people's phone I feel like I cut my finger by just looking at their screen

  23. I have 1 account. Haven't even gotten 1 ex raid pass while people are getting 2 or 3 pass for mewtwo

  24. I got a 100 percent Mewtwo on friday😎

  25. LIKE as always, but even more because of min 6:10

  26. That last clip with the guy catching it for her and hitting it on the last ball, priceless

  27. It was nice to catch it for someone else. I caught a Mewtwo for a father and their kid at an ex raid. I could tell it made their day. Yes everyone should be able to catch their own but you don't know when you will get another chance at one.

  28. I got my 4th invite and Idk if we're gonna defeat it with just 7 people…the invites they sent out was too few

    Kudos for catching the mewtwo! If interested, check out my pidgeys taking out charmeleon.

  30. so excellent throws are not working so well…better go for great and nice throws

  31. Im in 20 gyms atm lol who said instinct doesn't have any gyms

  32. I still haven't gotten one….

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