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Apple Watch app vs Pokemon Go Plus: enough to bring you back?

6 months on from the initial hype of Pokemon Go and though player numbers aren’t crashing the servers anymore, there are still enough to keep the game from dying out any time soon.

In that time both the Pokemon Go Plus accessory and Apple Watch app have released, giving players an extra advantage in catching every Pokemon on their Pokedex. Out of the two wearables, which is better and are they enough to bring you back or keep you playing?

James Peckham and Jon Porter went Pokemon catching in the middle of winter to help decide an ultimate champion.


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  1. Why is this still a thing

  2. I'm just sitting here waiting for the android wear version. ¯(ツ)

  3. This is useless since no one plays that anymore

  4. This app died back in the summer, like are you serious right now posting this video?

  5. I don't play Pokémon go because after cheating and catching so many I tired of playing… consider me apart of team rocket 🚀. Great game tho 👍 and awesome video

  6. kids play pokemon go at summer only, they don't want to be wet at winter, so all pokemon go accessories won't be used at winter.

  7. pokemon go is dead long time ago…

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