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Best Gym Attackers in Pokemon GO

This is a clip from my 2/5 livestream, Swag Tips, where I talked about making the best Battle Party for gym fighting. This is part 1 of 3. This part will talk about who the best counters are to the best gym defenders. Part 2 talks about building a team of 6 Pokemon from these counters. Part 3 goes over less rare/non-Legendary options.

Part 2:
Part 3:

Machamp vs Mewtwo:
Entei vs Moltres:

Simulation data for picks from

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  1. Thx so much as always!

    One question:
    What do you think about ditto and wobbuffet as gym defender?

    Thx in advance
    Swag swag swag!

  2. as always the best and deepest knowledge of PokemonGo. We all are using your advices and your grafics. As always very useful. Dont know why SwagTips have no more subscribers. Maybe because he is not so fancy, doesnt make click-bite videos and is not sponsored by Niantic. There is no other explanation.

  3. This video ended up being different that I expected based on your tweets. That said, it's better than I expected. Great info.

  4. I would say that Blaziken is also a really good fighting type attacker since it takes neutral damage from those fairy type attacks.

  5. Awesome video! Looks like I made a good choice in my Raikou’s! Out of curiosity, why not blaziken?

  6. Machamp is better in time than mewtwo, simply because dynamic punch is not one bar attack. When blissey has just a little hp, dynamic punch machamp can take care of it faster and mewtwo has to wait for focus blast to be fully recharged. That’s my personal experience.

  7. Electric isn’t too great against dragonite anymore. They used to be but now electric does not effective damage to him
    But I’m glad you did this video

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