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  1. I thought machamp was still the best. Wondering how breloom does as a grass type attacker as thats what i am short on

  2. There was an in-depth analysis posted on The Silph Road Reddit comparing Machamp and Hariyama. Basically, Machamp still wins out in most situations but Machop have been increasingly difficult to find in the wild. Hariyama is a good substitution until you can get those 100% level 35 Machop/Machamp from weather boosts.

  3. Probably should have used the Zen Headbutt/ Dazzling Gleam moveset. Most people don’t use the normal type moves as a defender set. Blaziken should end up with more health if the moves are changed to the ideal moveset

  4. If you can't catch gen 3 fully-evolved starter, how about gen 1/2 evolved starters?

  5. Would be interesting to see calculations against tyranitar and blissey with zen headbutt + dazzling gleam.

  6. Is blaziken good as a fire type with the double fire moves. Against charizard and arcanine not legendaries like entei?

  7. That's why he's called "Ma-CHAMP"

  8. And regarding Blaziken, do you think he is a viable fire type Pokémon in comparison to the other existent ones?

  9. Thank you for posting this before I waste more pinaberries on Hariyama.

  10. Love these videos. Can't wait for "Salamence, is it worth powering up?" Or Metagross.

  11. The 3300 cp fighting type Pokemon in gen 5 is conkeldurr and it is really really good in main series competitive battle so it is nice to see that it will be crazy good in PoGo too. I also can't wait for chandelure which had one of the highest special attack stats for any non legendary Pokemon. Gen 4 and 5 will be really exiting for me.

  12. How did you put down blisey on your blizaken if it’s new on your pokedex?

  13. Hello mate, what about Heracross? I prefer that bug to Machamp! Un abrazo desde Santiago de Chile y mis mejores deseos para este año compa.

  14. I rescued a puppy that got lost due to the fireworks on NYE night at 4am… Puppy returned to the owner on the next day 🙂 good deed of the year!

  15. Confusion/ Focus Blast Mewtwo

  16. Max it!!! I also got 100iv!! Let me se what the potential is :))

  17. Ayyy ProdigiesNation be coming to Los Angeles.

  18. are you talking about terrakion? that thing is a beast

  19. Who has a blissey with hyper beam lol, dazzling gleam for coverage is best move set. So do the numbers again with it's charge move being dazzling gleam

  20. I really like the video but would like to see Heracross included even though it is a regional.

  21. Max it out!! U can use it : )

  22. Hey man, why you never include Heracross? He is super good in my humble opinion!

  23. I have a 100 IV stone edge Blaziken 😁

  24. i REALLY like your "Is it worth powering up" videos, it answers a lot of the most important questions related to pokemon go 🙂 keep doing it!

  25. Your videos! Are they worth watching

  26. I cried a little inside watching all those pineapp berries go to waste lol.

  27. Bottom line is that Machamp is still the #1 fighting Pokemon, and I agree with previous comments that this video does make a good point. But I also agree with several comments below where it is pointed out that anyone who maxes out a 100% Blissey will TM it to Zen Headbutt + Dazzling Gleam, which is the ideal defending moveset. With this ideal moveset, none of the mentioned Pokemon (or any Pokemon for that matter) will survive this battle without dodging (not sure if it was ever mentioned whether or not dodging was involved, or which weather was set for the simulation), which completely throws the point about potion consumption. Something to also consider is that you will almost never actually have to battle a 100% level 40 Blissey since gym decay most likely will kick in before the battle starts.

  28. Still hunting a high iv torchic lol… only got 1 with 9/15/15 but i want 15att…

  29. Prodigies, take a look on our regional Pokémon here in Brazil, HERACROSS, he is a tank also. I think he is the second better fight Pokémon, behind Machamp (the best). We do have the best regional Pokémon of all 🇧🇷😉. Love your videos!

  30. How did Machamp outpace brelloom, poke battler must be wrong, brelloom has same movesets higher attack and lower defence and so is a better pokemon in terms of dps

  31. Yo man, Happy new year, keep up the good work

  32. It's nice to know that there's not a HUGE difference between the four. I ended up using a charged TM on my 96 Blaziken and got double fighting moves so definitely worth it. Not sure if I want to max it out yet, but it's chilling at 2400 something and should be a good FIGHTER!

  33. I gotta get more stardust any tips?

  34. The gen 5 fighting type you mentioned is Conkeldurr, it's got a massive attack stat and it has the same typing so it should just flat out replace Machamp

  35. You completely forgot about Heracross in this video

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