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Can you beat us at our game and catch two Pokemon at the same time? Try it out with a friend!!! In this adventure I arrive to Amsterdam and meet with with Reversal (! We battle, defeat, and capture an exeggutor raid boss! I finally catch Unown P and try many delicious foods from the Netherlands. Join us on the Pokemon Eurotrip adventure and check out our instagram pages!

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Shout out to Reversal & Trainer Tips for inspiring this video!
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Filming Camera: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Camera
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8
Screen Capture: Game Launcher
Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro
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1st Song used in this video: “Alternate” by Vibe Tracks
2nd Song used in this video: “Take You Home Tonight” by Vibe Tracks

My theme song is by Gender Work! Find their music here:

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  1. people smoking weed behind them

  2. Gawd u are sexxyy asf and team VALOR i am in loveee 😜Netherlands rule! Vlammish fries 😀😂😂😂

  3. Love you guys!!! To nick and rev I'm already a subscriber and I just subd to ms holly! Looking forward to more videos!!!!😊😊😁🙃🙂

  4. 😍😍your so beautiful😚😚

  5. Holly You're the girl I want to be like your charming, friendly personality, your awesome sense of style, the way you seem to be relaxed in who you are, to looking like a badass Pokemon trainer. Love from Ireland

  6. Haha as Dutch as it can get with Belgian fries😂😂

  7. Really like these vids and also ur energy and enthusiasm. They make me wanna go and put on my Pokémon merch ;))

  8. FUCK YEAH guys smoken pot in the background halla!!!!

  9. who else is here after seeing her on Reversals' channel? Subscribed!!

  10. Awesome vid… let's go Philly!

  11. Love your videos. Keep up the good work. And im glad to see another Valor player finally!

  12. You've inspired me to actually use my AR. Love your vids.

  13. Yo, so cool you know Reversal. From Philly and never knew there were so many people who played.

  14. Good video, Keep up the good work, you have a great teacher in Reversal.

  15. Good luck Holly! Hope he taught you lots!!!

  16. Hope your stay in Amsterdam was awesome. Also kind of funny note you shot the place that I work at !!

  17. Love your videos, keep it up!

  18. I love the channel! so happy reversal showed you off to us!! i went to college out in the philly area actually!! any idea where i could buy one of those shirts because those are epic 🙂

  19. Awsume must try to catch them with two Phone like that

  20. Hey @PkmnMasterHolly I am so excited for a Girl pogo youtuber! I LOVE Rev and Trainer Tips videos with all my heart, but to watch a fellow female pogo player is really empowering. Keep making videos sharing your perspectives and life!

  21. Flemish fries are not dutch as it gets

  22. Cool video. Those fries looked really good, but I can't stand mayo so would definitely get them without the mayo. One of these days I need to take the train down to Philly and spend the day playing.

  23. Two phone trick is cool! Gonna try this when I raid for hubs and I!

  24. awesome video u have i just subscribed 🙂

  25. 0:38 you know youre in amsterdan when (top left corner)

  26. A pretty girl with pretty hair playing a pretty cool game

  27. holly is pretty cool and I like her tatoos a lot

  28. Good to see pogo videos showing the fun side rather than just the technical side.

  29. holly if you make a picture of the pokemon youre catching and the position is bad than switch of camera. than you can choose the position you want to. turn left turn right. whereever you want and turn on camera again

  30. Good video, the camera focus needs a little work.

  31. Best of luck Holly on this YouTube journey. Already like your style. Glad you have reversal giving you some pointers. He is great love watching him. Best of all is your a ytuber for Pokémon go in Pennsylvania area. We are here in Connecticut.

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