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'Pokémon Go' will no longer work on older iPhones

Not only is Apple deliberately slowing down older iPhones, Niantic is going to stop supporting Pokémon Go on older iPhones too. Niantic will stop supporting Pokémon Go on older iPhone models that can’t upgrade to iOS 11 after Feb. 28, the developer announced Tuesday. This means players who have an iPhone 5, 5C, or older will no longer be able …

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'Pokémon Go' just took its augmented reality effects to the next level


Niantic just gave Pokémon Go a very important update. The game’s augmented reality effects just got a huge upgrade, thanks to Apple’s ARKit technology. The update, which is rolling out on iOS this week, promises to make catching Pokémon much more immersive and, potentially, challenging. SEE ALSO: ‘Last Jedi’ star played the best Pokémon Go prank on director Rian Johnson …

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Everything we know so far about 'Pokémon GO' Generation 3


If you’re anything like me — i.e. the type of person still worryingly obsessed with Pokémon GO a full 17 months after it was released — you’ll have already heard the big news. After months of waiting, Generation 3 is finally (almost!) here. SEE ALSO: ‘Pokémon GO’ has just released one of the most famous legendary Pokémon On Wednesday, the …

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'Last Jedi' star played the best Pokémon Go prank on director Rian Johnson


If you love Pokemon and pranks, or if you ever dreamed of being part of a mischievous Star Wars crew, this anecdote from the set of The Last Jedi is going to increase your FOMO.  Filming on The Last Jedi coincided with the release of another worldwide sensation, Pokémon Go. And according to John Boyega, new cast member Kelly Marie …

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Apple's new augmented reality platform lets you build apps just like Pokémon Go


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Although the fad was short-lived, pulling up the Pokémon Go app for the very first time made you feel like you were just granted access to a previously undiscovered dimension. A dimension where a Rattata lurks behind your toilet and Ivysaurs spawn in …

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'Pokémon GO' has just released one of the most famous legendary Pokémon


Remember the very first episode of Pokémon, when an awed Ash spots a shining bird flying through a rainbow in the sky? SEE ALSO: ‘Pokémon Go’ is finally getting third generation pokémon in Halloween update Well, that bird was Ho-Oh — basically the Mewtwo of Generation II — and we have some splendid news about the beast: he’s now been …

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Drivers distracted by 'Pokémon Go' caused major damage in the game's first few months

Playing Pokémon Go while driving is incredibly dangerous and may have caused billions of dollars of damages across the United States within the first few months of its release. A recent paper titled “Death by Pokémon Go” took a look at car crashes in Tippecanoe County, Indiana after the release of Pokémon Go and found that drivers using the app …

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Harry Potter is getting its own AR mobile game from the 'Pokémon Go' developers


Get ready to finally become the witch or wizard you’ve always wanted to be. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a new augmented reality mobile game created in partnership between Warner Bros. and Niantic  —  the creators of the hit mobile game Pokémon Go. SEE ALSO: Russia reportedly using ‘Pokémon Go’ for election meddling is meme gold Not much is known …

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'Pokémon Go' is finally getting third generation pokémon in Halloween update


Pokémon Go is getting extra spooky around Halloween this year with new ghost-type Pokémon and a witch hat for Pikachu. The Pokémon Go Halloween event lasts from Oct. 20 to Nov. 2, introducing the first third-generation (gen III) Pokémon to the game, Pikachus wearing witch hats, extra Candy items for leveling up Pokémon, and a creepy Mimikyu hat for player …

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Hidden data suggests new Pokémon and a Halloween event are coming to 'Pokémon Go'

Get ready for the next generation of Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Video game sleuths from the group known as the Silph Road uncovered a whole bunch of hidden data added to Pokémon Go in its latest update. The intel suggests that the third generation of Pokémon may be coming to the game soon, along with some Halloween content. SEE ALSO: …

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