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Pokemon GO Update: Changes Arriving in the Next Patch

Niantic is consistently releasing new updates to its highly popular smartphone game, the Pokemon GO. The company is following a strategy of… The post Pokemon GO Update: Changes Arriving in the Next Patch appeared first on The Bitbag.

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When baby Joey falls asleep, her mom transforms her with awesome costumes


As if baby Joey’s chubby cheeks weren’t delightful enough… Photographer Laura Izumikawa takes advantage of nap time by dressing her 4-month-old daughter up in a variety of costumes, which she photographs and shares to Instagram. SEE ALSO: Parents everywhere will get this mom’s back-to-school photoshoot The costumes range from topical to celebrities to television characters to emoji. Netflix caught wind …

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The Perfect Job: Posting Looking for Pokemon GO Lure Manager, Are You Qualified?

It doesn’t get any better than this. Every employee wants to go up the corporate ladder while doing something they love the… The post The Perfect Job: Posting Looking for Pokemon GO Lure Manager, Are You Qualified? appeared first on The Bitbag.

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Pokemon GO’s Popularity Plummeting; Find Out Why


Experts are expecting this outcome, the huge popularity, and player base will increase in a short amount of time but will set it aside once they’ve tried it briefly. There is no current official calculation of how many players Pokemon Go lost. However, it is estimated to be more than 10 million users have stopped playing the game since the …

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Pokemon GO Appraisal Is Not About CP

Recently, Pokemon GO implemented the Stat Appraisal system to help players understand their Pokemon. However, some players are confused why their Pokemon is continuously being rated as good despite having low Combat Power. Here’s what we know about the new Pokemon GO Appraisal system. The new system doesn’t actually gauge your Pokemon’s Combat Power as that’s already visible in the …

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Pokemon Go Death: 70-Year-Old Woman Dies After Being Hit by Driver Playing Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has claimed its first fatality when a driver in Japan ran over two pedestrians. This is the first known Pokémon GO death in Japan. Police said the incident happened on Tuesday in the city of Tokushima. The suspect, a 39-year-old farmer, told the police that he was not paying attention to the road as he was playing Pokemon …

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Pokemon GO Appraisal Feature Used For D**k Jokes

Ever since the new appraisal feature was added to Pokemon GO in an update, developers thought that the fans would use it to see which of their Pokemon would be worthy of a power up or two. They were only half right. While hardcore players do use it to find out which of their Pokemon has the best IV, the …

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Pokemon GO Appraisal: Will A Pokemon’s Size Matter In The Future?

Pokemon GO Appraisal was recently added to the game. It helps players in a great way as they can now finally get a rough estimate of a Pokemon’s true worth without the use of any other apps. Spark, Candela and Blanche say a lot about a Pokemon, but the feature itself points out that the size of a Pokemon may …

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Pokemon GO Trading: Why You Shouldn’t Be Excited For It

There are still a lot of features needed to make Pokemon GO better, including Legendary Pokemon and the next generation of Pokemon, and fans can agree that the game needs to get these features soon. The recent addition of the Appraisal feature shows Niantic’s drive to improve the game. But before the current Pokemon roster increases, chances are that Niantic …

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Watch Pokémon dance better than Ariana Grande to "Into You"


If you’re a fan of Ariana Grande, you know she’s a fan of Pokémon Go. If you’re a fan of both Ariana Grande and Pokémon Go, you’ll enjoy this video made by Twitterer Adam Wiles featuring a pair of Pokémon grooving and shaking to Grande’s summer hit, “Into You.” SEE ALSO: Ariana Grande goes to great lengths to wear her …

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