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Pokemon GO: How To Dodge Blizzard And Earthquake Attack

Defense is as important as offense in Pokemon GO. It’s very important that a Pokemon can deal high amounts of damage to… The post Pokemon GO: How To Dodge Blizzard And Earthquake Attack appeared first on The Bitbag.

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Everything You Need to Know About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the latest craze and people are going absolutely crazy over it. In fact, the game has managed to break all records and topped the download charts. Wondering what the game is all about? The game involves players to go out on the street to catch the several Pokemon characters. In order to do that the game uses …

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Stubborn husky cannot be captured with Pokéballs


Turns out, one of the toughest things to catch in Pokémon Go is your dog. This is the plight of Instagram dog Maru, a Siberian husky who won’t stay inside his Pokéball, or do much of anything with it beyond sniffing it. His owner, who has a real life supply of Pokéballs, has several posts worth of not-catching the dog. …

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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Release Update: When Is Legendary Pokemon Arriving?


Niantic had released the highly popular Pokemon GO game at the beginning of July. Since then players had put all their efforts in finding legendary Pokemon but they were unable to find them because Niantic is yet to make them available in the game. The company is expected to release a new update that is speculated to bring along second generation creatures of …

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Pokemon GO PokeVision Alternative: FastPokeMap Is The Best Pokemon Tracking Tool Available?


After the shutdown of PokeVision, the popular Pokemon tracking site, Pokemon GO players are searching for an alternate tool. FastPokeMap is one of the new Pokemon GO PokeVision alternative that enables players to catch Pokemon that are within walking distance. FastPokeMap functions like PokeVision and provides its users with a map and scanner to track Pokemon. However, compared to PokeVision, …

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Pokemon GO Update: Niantic Threatens Cheaters with Perpetual Ban


Since the discovery of GPS spoofing, cheating has been rampant in the Pokemon GO game. This prompted Pokemon GO developer Niantic to warn all players attempting to cheat their way into completing the game. So as part of the Pokemon GO update, players and readers should be warned that should any of you be caught hacking your way to become …

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The Sims 4: Pokeball House Build Available for Download


For Simmers who are also Pokemon Go fanatics, there is a Pokeball House build available for download in The Sims 4 online. The red and white themed house features 2 floors, with a basement to house the 2 bedrooms. The build creator, DutchSims4Master, used base game items to make the house accessible to those who are interested to bring Pokemon into …

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Pokemon GO Cheats: Niantic Starts to Permanently Ban Players Using these Tricks, Among Others


Have you been a Pokemon GO cheater all along? If so, the good days are over as Niantic has apparently taken a strict stance to ban accounts that are known for manipulating the game. Niantic’s latest move will ban accounts “permanently” if the company finds players exploiting the game with the help of third party applications. Such unsportsmanlike activities give unfair …

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Pokemon GO Legendary Release Rumors: Possible Special Events When Rare Pokemons Will Come Out


The mobile hit game Pokemon GO has indeed become the talk of the town but some gamers are kind of disappointed for not seeing any legendary Pokemon. With a lot of rumors about their release, here are some special events you need to anticipate which could be the launch of these rare creatures. Ever since the game was released by …

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Pokemon GO Dratini Rare Nest Missing? Here’s Why

Dratini is one of the rarest Pokemon currently available in Pokemon GO. Finding a steady source of the little blue dragon is crucial if you want to power up its final evolved from: Dragonite. When the game first launched, seeking out Pokemon nests – small, specific locations that spawn a specific type of monster – was the best way to …

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