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Sorry Pokémon Go trainers, this guy has caught them all world-wide


If you wanted to be the very best like no one ever was, well sorry — you’re just a little too late. It’s not Gary Oak, but he might as well be. It’s 28-year-old Nick Johnson, a New Yorker who has recently travelled around the world on a quest to catch ’em all in Pokémon Go.  SEE ALSO: You shouldn’t …

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Pokemon GO: How To Spot And Report Botters

In a surprising turn of events, Niantic has made sure that nearly every Pokemon locator app will be useless. Some fans have commented that Niantic is ignoring the real problem with the game which is rampant botting and cheating. Players who don’t cheat are certainly put at a disadvantage, and the only solution for now is to report Pokemon GO …

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Pokemon GO Bots: Why They Are Ruining The Game

Bugs and the lack of a decent Pokemon tracker are not the only things ruining Pokemon GO. After Niantic’s recent major update that removed the three steps in Pokemon Nearby and changed flee rates, botters have begun popping up in the augmented reality title. This form of cheating is very harmful to the game and ruins the competitive experience of …

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Pokemon GO: Legendary Pokemon Release Soon Despite Buggy State?

It’s pretty obvious that Niantic is up to its neck in things to do to remedy the rampant issues in Pokemon GO, and there’s very little to look forward to in the augmented reality title. One thing players are still excited about though is the prospect of Legendary Pokemon. With the current state of the game, it’s hard to expect …

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Enormous Pokémon statue appears out of nowhere in New Orleans


You can catch ’em all — but that doesn’t mean you can bring every Pokémon home. In New Orleans this weekend, residents of the Lower Garden neighborhood woke up to discover a gigantic ‘Pokemonument’ in Coliseum Musuem park. The bronze statue, probably celebrating the Pokémon Go craze, appears to have put up anonymously overnight, and police currently have no plans …

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PokéDates is a Dating Website for Pokémon GO Players


PokéDates is a new dating website dedicated to helping Pokémon GO players find their perfect match to hunt virtual pocket monsters together. Signing up for a PokéDates account requires daters to provide their personal interests and what they are looking for in potential prospects. Three photos, along with a valid email address and telephone number, are also required. Of course, …

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Android Users Have Installed Pokémon GO 50 Million Times


Android device users worldwide have now downloaded and installed Niantic Labs’ mobile sensation Pokémon GO at least 50 million times. To some, it may seem like Pokémon GO has been in our lives for years already. In reality, however, the real-time game that tasks players with catching virtual pocket monsters in the world has only been in the hands of …

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Players Have Experienced Only 10% of Pokémon GO


Millions of people around the world are playing Pokémon GO, but they’ve only experienced about 10 percent of the game’s planned content. That’s according to Niantic Labs founder John Hanke, who shared the info during a Pokémon GO panel Sunday afternoon at Comic-Con International 2016 in San Diego, Calif. “We have about one tenth of the ideas we had when …

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Investors’ Ignorance Causes Nintendo Stock to Plummet


Investors caused Nintendo’s market cap to soar past Sony’s, but their ignorance is to blame for sending the game maker’s stock plummeting. Millions worldwide now have a piece of the Pokémon GO pie within their fingertips — kids, moms, dads, and grandparents. Others, however, have set their sights on purchasing Nintendo’s stock following the mobile game’s instant craze, for all …

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Pokemon GO Tips: Best Places To Catch Rare Pokemon


Last July, Niantic released the most anticipated mobile game Pokemon GO. Ever since, gamers have walked a million steps trying to find the rarest creature within the area. However, just as unique as they are, their locations are rare as well. Here are some of the recorded places where rare Pokemon might be found. In the United Kingdom, there are …

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