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Pokemon GO Tracker: What Are Still Available Out There After Niantic’s Ban On 3rd Party Tracking Apps?


Niantic has banned third-party Pokemon GO tracker apps. The July 31 update had already deleted the game’s tracking system, which makes it harder for Trainers to know how close Pokemon are. Users, though, want the tracking system back and it has resulted to looking for third-party apps to do so. Now, Niantic also cracked down on these third-party apps and …

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Pokemon GO Updates: Niantic On Battery Saver Mode, Legendary Pokemon, Other Bug Fixes

In the latest Pokemon GO update, Niantic has announced several gifts to fans of the popular augmented reality game. Niantic is known to be a proactive company that listens to the plight of its customers. It has an update for the buggy Battery Saver mode for the iOS and some Legendary Pokemon mishaps among others. It is relatively hard to …

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Pokemon GO API By Mila432; Popular Cheat Still Live Despite Lawsuit Threat From Niantic

Pokemon GO creators are waging a war against third-party developers that create exploits and hacks for Trainers. In the recent updates, Niantic has weeded out tracker apps like Pokevision. But this did not stop people from looking for other exploits or help. So, Niantic is also out to get them. One developer that is currently under fire is GitHub user …

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Pokemon GO Tips: How To Catch The Most Difficult Pokemon Like Venusaur, Dragonite, Charizard, Blastoise?


The Pokemon GO Pokedex has 151 Pokemon. Out of them, some are quite easy to catch whereas there are some Pokemon that are very difficult to catch. On Reddit, Pokemon GO enthusiasts have searched through the internal files of the game and have found the base capture rate of all the 151 Pokemon that are available in the game. Players …

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Pokemon GO: All Trainers Past Level 35 Are Cheaters?

Pokemon GO has a level cap of 40 in its current build. Most players haven’t reached this part of the game yet due to the game’s lack of large experience point gain even with a Lucky Egg. However, an EXP computation that surfaced on Reddit confirms that it’s physically impossible to get to beyond level 35 even for players who …

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Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing: Niantic CEO Vows Crackdown On Cheats

Niantic Labs will no longer tolerate Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing. The developer of the popular AR mobile game confirmed that it is working on a solution to eliminate this issue. The company’s CEO John Hanke himself said that a solution is on the way to lock down the accounts of people who fake their GPS location in the game. Pokemon …

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Pokemon GO PokeStop Tips: Trick To Get More Items In Your 10th PokeStop

Pokemon GO tips and tricks are everywhere, and here’s one more that can help players get more items when they visit PokeStops. Whenever a player visits a PokeStop, they can collect items and XP rewards. A player has found a trick that helps you get more items than usual from PokeStops. The trick shared by a Reddit user suggests that …

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Pokemon GO Cheats: Niantic Shows Graph To Illustrate How Trackers, GPS Spoofing, And Bots Affect Servers


Ever since it was released in July, Pokemon GO has been subject to numerous cheaters and GPS spoofs, which have affected the game’s servers and have derailed the enjoyment of many fans who simply wanted to play the game. As of the most recent update, most of the third party apps and sites have been blocked by developer Niantic, and …

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Pokemon GO Incense Trick: How To Get Unique Rare Pokemon Spawns

Want to maximize your Incense usage in Pokemon GO? Then you better get out of the city. Several players have reported a high amount of rare Pokemon sightings when using Incense and Lures in secluded locations. Make the Most of Your Pokemon GO Incense On the Silph Road subreddit, a trainer by the name of Sionarra recounted his experience during a …

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Pokemon GO Released In Brazil In Time For Olympics 2016: Rare Pokemon, Exclusives Likely During The Games?


Pokemon GO has been released in Brazil on Wednesday just in time for the Rio Olympics 2016. Earlier, there were some Olympics athletes who were disappointed that the augmented reality game was not yet available in Brazil. But now, after winning medals, they can also catch Pokemons. Let the games begin! Niantic announced the availability of the game in the …

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