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Online Pokemon Games


Some of the greatest Pokemon games can now be found online. Today there are more than 490 different monsters to choose from. Each monster has different characteristics that make them unique. Some are good and help others while others are bad. Collectors can collect every single one, and now can enjoy Pokemon games at their best, any time of day. …

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Making a Pokemon Card


The Pokemon Card game is one of the most popular card-based battle game today. But because of the high cost of the original trading game card, some have resorted to customizing and making their own Pokemon card online. Some even go as far as photocopying the cards and laminating them to minimize the cost – experiencing at least, the vicarious …

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Why Many Kids Don’t Always Have A Favorite Pokemon


I’m sure you’ve heard of Pokemon, but did you know that a new release of the video game called Pokemon Black and White is out? There are new Pokemon Black and White plush toys to go along with it, as well as new Pokemon Black and White promo cards and Pokemon Black and White game cards. There are also new …

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The Ultimate Pokemon Party Plan!


Pokemon is back with a vengeance! Or did it really ever go away? Designware has finally released its new Pokemon party supplies line and with that we need an amazing party plan! So here goes. Decorations: Make a Pokemon Character Wall. This will be a wonderful conversation piece for the guests and will also look great as decoration. Choose at …

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Pokemon Battling Guide By VGAL

Have you ever wanted to be the best? Like no one ever was? Me too, and I was, at least one time when I won a tournament at a local Gamestop. It was back when Diamond and Pearl were released, so you can assume any information I provide you with is relatively up to date. Below I’ve provided a list …

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Pokemon Go Is Redefining Our Communities

The new sensational app, Pokemon Go, has redefined our communities as strangers join forces to track down and capture imaginary monsters! Did Pokemon just solve the gap between the lack of activity associated with digital devices in new generations with the adventurous ways of the old? We think it might have. There’s no denying Pokemon Go, by Niantic, has become …

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‘Pokemon Go’ players stumble on hidden history


PROVIDENCE, R.I. —Historical markers have long dotted the landscape, often barely noticed by passers-by — until they became treasure-filled stops this month on the “Pokemon Go” trail. Players hunting for fictional creatures on their smartphones are now visiting real-life memorial plaques, statues, mosaics and landmarks, ranging from a Civil War battlefield in Chancellorsville, Virginia, to a Hells Angels clubhouse on …

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‘Pokemon GO’ Actually Gets Way More Fun After Level 20


Pokémon GO, like any number of games similar to it, can feel like two games at times. There’s the beginning, when the world is fresh and new, and there’s the endgame, where discovery turns to grind and we start to think about what it will be actually like to play this game over months and years. In Pokémon GO, that happens …

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John Hanke: is the man behind Pokemon Go the new Steve Jobs?


In his former office at Google, overlooking the San Francisco waterfront, John Hanke kept the shelves well stocked with games. Computer games, obviously befitting a man obsessed with technology, but proper old-fashioned board games too. Prominent among them were Risk, Settlers of Catan and Stratego. All three have the same simple aim: to take over the world. Today the 49-year-old, …

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Pokémon Go will eventually add new pokémon and customizable pokéstops


Pokémon Go has been such a phenomenon that Comic-Con upgraded it from a tiny panel into a premier event in Hall H, where it appeared to pack most of the 6,000-plus seats in the room this afternoon. If you’ve questioned how seriously people are taking this game, you should hear how long the cheers (and jeers) of several thousand fans went …

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