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'Pokémon Go' is coming to the Apple Watch


The summer’s — and maybe the decade’s — most popular mobile game is now coming to the Apple Watch. Pokémon Go is getting a full Watch integration that will let players keep their iPhone in their pocket as they hunt for Pokémon. The Watch version will notify you which creatures are nearby, though you’ll still have to pull out your …

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Pokemon Go: How to Level Up Faster, Gain 1 Million XP In 1 Day?


Pokemon GO trainers have always been looking for an easy way of gaining experience. Gamers have been so eager on leveling up ahead of everyone else. And today, a new way of level abuse has surfaced the internet. Pokemon Go Power Leveling The said method will allow the players to accumulate 1 million experience in just one day. BubbleStrat method, …

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Pokemon GO Guide: How to Evolve Pokemon, Get Candies Fast


Pokemon GO trainers know that catching the best Pokemon is only half of the battle, evolving them is the next great step. The problem though is that evolving Pokemon a very certain amount of candy to evolve that specific Pokemon. It’s pretty important to know just how much candy will be needed to evolve each one. Knowing how much candy …

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Pokemon GO Plus Won’t Help You Hatch Eggs

If you think hatching eggs would be easier with Pokemon GO Plus, think again. The smart wristband that lets you catch Pokemon easily is not going to help you in egg hatching. The device doesn’t work as a pedometer. It only helps you catch Pokemon easily when you are on the move. It notifies players about nearby Pokemon and helps you …

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Pokemon GO Gen 2: Why You Should Be Excited For The Second Generation

Pokemon GO’s popularity has certainly died down the past couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean the game’s run is done with. There’s still a lot to be excited about the game, thanks to the lineup of features that might get introduced soon. The second generation of Pokemon is one of those features. We hope that Niantic will introduce the …

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Pokemon GO Update: Feature From Pokemon Sun And Moon Niantic Needs To Add

Pokemon GO Update: Feature From Pokemon Sun And Moon Niantic Needs To Add

The new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon showed off a slew of upcoming features to the game. Game Freak is pulling out all the stops for the next Pokemon games. Niantic could learn a thing or two from the game developer in terms of how it should improve Pokemon GO. One feature in the upcoming games caught the attention …

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Pokemon Go Next Update: Buddy System Release Date


Pokemon Go fans have been so eager to finding out when will the next update take place. The upcoming update will enable the trainers to walk their own Pokemon. Hence, a massive amount of fans are very excited to imitate Ash Ketchum. Pokemon GO Buddy System The update will let the players walk their own Pokemon in different kinds of …

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8 odd social networks that cover life's strange niches


Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are great and all, but they can be broad. For those who want more specific communities to cater to their odd tastes, a bunch of social networks exist that are designed to be more accessible to those who those who march to the beat of their own drum. SEE ALSO: Facebook schools everyone and wins social …

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Pokemon GO Update: Rare Nest And Spawn Changes This September 2016

Recently, players noticed spawn changes in Pokemon GO, which may be a result of a recent update. Spawn shuffling for wild Pokemon has been happening since the game’s release. However, the September Pokemon GO update heavily affects the gameplay as convenient farming spots for players have changed. Here’s what we know so far about the spawn shuffle this month. Timely …

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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: What is Baby Pokemon? Pokemon Breeding Can Produce Rare, Legendary Pokemon?

Pokemon GO fans believe that Pokemon GO Gen 2 update is expected to arrive as the game is losing popularity. Moreover, a… The post Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: What is Baby Pokemon? Pokemon Breeding Can Produce Rare, Legendary Pokemon? appeared first on The Bitbag. Source by [author_name]

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