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  1. More information about Gen 3 has been found in the new APK. Follow me on Twitter @ProdigiesNation

  2. A working method for getting PokeC oins has been online for awhile here – greensshort.com/1pokemongo?255106

  3. It suggested rhydons and golems coz they are double resistant against poison (0.51x) and hit super effective to gengar. Tyranitar has single resistance (0.71x), tyranitar dish out more dps but team selection doesn't work like that. It also suggested Steelix which is triple resistant (0.36x) to poison moves.

    You should try solos with 6 different pokemons, it will be fun seeing you doing it.

  4. I just caught 3 murkrow with 4 pokeballs it's confirmed. Big improvement from throwing 15 ultra balls at a 400 cp murkrow before giving up

  5. google play search 😛 Naked????

  6. ground is super effective against poison + ghost does not resist ground like i thought it did + Ground resists both ghost and poison = thats why rhydon was recommended

  7. Because rhydon with mud slap earthquake is also good against it. It has poison typing which is weak to ground. Then it has still no abilities like levitate like in game which kills ground moves against it.

  8. They chose Rhydon because poison is weak to ground type attacks. So any mud slaps and earthquakes you have will deal sizeable damage. Also, psychics aren't weak to poison attacks. It's neutral. It's just that psychic Pokemon are notoriously weak on physical defense. 😛

  9. What about the plus issues?

  10. Maxing out my 100percent Entei soon

  11. Eh, i use a nanab berry, they usually dont attack after that, or jump… or move

  12. A corner of a circle, hmm? 😛
    Maybe it's a quadrant, quarter, wedge, section, etc. but 'corner' sounds funny.

    I don't know that Niantic gives a shit about players being pissed, though. Since launch, Pokemon Trainer Club logins have crashed for anything that gets more players logging in. We've been asking for a way to move from PTC to Google every time it happens, but they won't even acknowledge the request, let alone DO anything.

    Occasional network errors when battling gyms? Is 'occasional' synonymous with 'constant' now?

    Fixing the number of people in a gym doesn't matter, really. Who is going to be the first to use a raid pass to make it show "1"? People need to be able to enter the lobby for free and only use a pass when they actually start the battle. Players should also be able to see the lobby count from anywhere in visual range, not just in interaction range. If someone is 100m away and can't see the number, they they're less likely to bother walking to get within 40m.

  13. Poison isn't supper effective to psychic

  14. Seriously. You need to stop talking about yourself in the 3rd person. It sounds very conceited. Other than that, I enjoy your videos a lot!

  15. Have u been able to revive that fast all the time??? Holy shit mine is slow compared to yours

  16. I just downloaded the 0.77.1 apk, looks like that the curveball bug has been fixed. FINALLY

  17. Thank God they are fixing the curveball bug. Thank you thank you thank you!

  18. why do u used psyquic vs phanton/poisonous??

  19. Logic: becaus prodegiesnation! lol that's why you the man keep it up bro.

  20. Prodigy What Do Think About This Idea?🤔⤵

    • legendary Pokèmon Should Return But At Limited Gyms Once In Awhile To Give Players A Chance.
    • Chansey Or Blissey As A Buddy Can Help Incubate An Egg For You.
    • Buddy Pokèmon Should Be Shown On Map Walking With You.
    • Able To Delete 2KM&5KM EGGS.
    • Battle Wild Pokèmon And Level Up You're Pokèmon.
    • PVP (Obviously lol)
    • 1 Premium Raid Pass Lasts All Day.
    • Have You're Class Already Set For Raids & Already Set For All Raid Bosses You Chose From.
    • Daily Quests & Bonuses.
    • Spawning Depending On The Weather.
    • In-Game Chat With You're Teams Depending On Color Or Even Raid Gatherings.
    • In-Game IV Calculator.
    • Filter Out What Pokèmon You Don't Want To See Nearby.
    • Being Able To Purchase Unlimited Egg Incubators.
    • Reduce Magikarps Required Candy For Evolving From 400 Down To 150-200.
    • Pokè Coins For Battling Gyms, Raids, Catching Pokèmon, Spinning PokèStop Or New Ones.
    • In-Game Arena Where You Battle You're Own Pokèmon And Level Them Up, Also You Don't Have To Revive Them And Also Zero Potions.
    • Lure Modules Should Show The Countdown & Be Able To Freeze It And Use The Remaining Time On Another PokèStop Including The Lucky Egg.
    • In-Game Map Of Our City, To Show Gym Control By Which Of The 3 Teams, So You Know Where To Go And Battle & Take Down Gyms.
    • A Map Of All PokèStops, Also Giving Hints To Players Where They Should Go Visit For A Surprise Pokèmon Encounter.

    • A Daily In-Game Bonus "Spin" Every Day. 1 Spin Will Give You Either -> Coins, XP, 1 Egg Incubator, 1 Lucky Egg, 1 Lure Module, 1 Incense, PokèBalls, Couple Of Golden Raspberries, Other Berries Also, A Premium Raid Pass, ➡➡➡➡➡➡➡⤵ And The "MEGA WIN SPIN" 1 DAY Of Quadruple Stardust, XP & Incubating Eggs Are Reduced By 75% And You Can Choose To Delete Eggs And Obtain 10KM Faster!!!! (THIS I KNOW PEOPLE WOULD AGREE ON)

  21. It's not weird that they gave you a Rhydon at all.
    Rhydon can have ground moves as its fast and charge moves, mud slap and earthquake respectively.
    Both of those moves are super effective against Gengar as he is Ghost / Poison (and doesn't have levitate, like the games)
    Not to mention Poison hits Ground for 0.5x Damage.

  22. Prepare yourselves for 10 more new bugs in the upcoming update lol

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