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Let’s go for a drive and see what Gen 2 Pokemon are around!


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  1. dang dude.. how did you get such a big following in this crazy loaded world of YouTube 2017? I'm struggling to get 50 views..

  2. Hey Planty great video man, I really look forward to seeing more of your future videos. I know you don't like personal questions, but what religion do you believe in?

  3. im sorry but, when I saw u ingore that toctidile I wanted to cry

  4. Hey proplanty thanks for inspiring to start a YouTube channel thanks it would mean a lot to check me out thanks

  5. Chelsey knows how to do editing? thats hot

  6. So jealous with all the kangaskhan spawn, if i can go to Australia will definitely catch them all.

  7. I was spinning one pokestop in the restaurant we were eating for over an hour and didnt get anything special. After we left we need to uturn and i was able to spin this stop one last time and i got a sunstone.

  8. first visit + last visit………you  are fucking shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt……………. quit!!!!!

  9. Can you follow me on instagram plzits @ambercraft11 thx

  10. So frustrated right now. Got all of Australian Gen 1, and evolved to Tyranitar yesterday. Aside from Corsola and Heracross, I'm three away from completing the Gen 2 dex apart from needing Unown, Girafarig and Hitmontop. Hatched 4 Tyrogues so far (only two with HP, but also with attack) and they both evolved to Hitmonchan. I cannot for the life of me find or hatch a bloody Girafarig. Hear that? I got Tyranitar before that bloody Giraffe!

  11. you live in Australia cause kangaskan

  12. I actually got my 3rd ever evo item a couple days ago, a metal coat woohoo.. Scizor was added to the squad. Seems like ages since your last vid. Has Chelsea started walking Togepi yet? Started a new job few weeks ago too so nice seeing the difference between ;Mon at my home and the one's in the city. Still nothing too major in Glasgow though, fingers crossed something good'll spawn. I hatched Larvitar and was able to evolve Pupitar right away, long haul walking him though now I am working haha. Price you pay I guess when you want to save for holidays to go find regionals xXx

  13. i have a sun stone, metal coat, kings rock!🐕

  14. love your videos bro.can u catch me a khangaskan.?

  15. Really awesome! 😀 (I want an up-grade too! 🙁 )

  16. Look at 4:30 in the video he doesn't catch the starter Pokémon

  17. Just subbed hope you get a couple more soon cause you deserve them

  18. 11:13 gotta love that voice crack

  19. I love your videos man! I'm so jealous of the spawns around you 🙂

  20. What do you use to edit your videos? Just wondering because your edits are really good.

  21. Where the F have all your videos been? Lol me needs em

  22. a really awesome updated gIitch for Pøkecøins i've been doing is posted online here –

  23. Your sweatshirt is awesome!

  24. You memer! 'feisty little thing' Hahaha

  25. That was sick…so lucky man…keep it up…plse subscribe…not a beg…Ur choice…keep the content coming…what's ur favourite poke

  26. +ProPlanty If that 12 CP Onix escaped, well, that would be quite… Onix-pected… wouldn't you agree? XD

  27. I can follow a slow drive path and hit like 50 pokestops. I see alot of cool stuff…i can actually walk around my neighborhood and have 3 spots that spawn like 8 pokemon…usually some good stuff. 1 of them in the last 2 weeks has had a togetic feraligatr and a dragonite

  28. i had to factory reset my pogo plus at least 2 times a day..but after i reset it, it will work good for a few hours

  29. 😀 your good at pokemon

  30. and MEGANIUM and ferligster and typhlosion and crobat and AMPHRASE and+bellossem and scizor

  31. Today Chikorita ran away I am so devasteted 🙁

  32. I am level 26. been playing since September and still do not have a lapras or snorlax

  33. I was the 10th to watch it

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