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Bucks-Mont Pokemon Go group from Bucks County / Montgomery County host the first ever American Entei Raid Meetup Party! They invited Matt Eyer and I to come visit! We do 4 Entei raids, play kickball, go on a Pokemon Adventure walk, play the WHO’S THAT EGG POKEMON egg guessing hatching game, and make tons of new friends! Check out Bucks-Mont Pokemon Go today!

Mondauk Common Park: 1451 Dillon Rd, Ambler, PA 19002

Bucks-Mont Pokemon Go Discord: https://discord.gg/VyNcBc

Pokemon GO Traffic Cones: fficsafetystore.com

Chaos Bill on Twitter: @chaosbill46

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  1. Im at 300k exp in level 37, trying to hit level 40 by the end of this year

  2. SUCH ENTEI HYPE!! I'm so glad the rotation happened the way it did! I'm part of a raid group that uses discord in the Seattle WA area and we instantly mobilized as soon as someone posted the first new beast 😅 thanks for sharing such fun Pokémon events! Definitely gives people more ways to hangout together aside from just luring up a park. Love it 💕 keep up the super fun vids!!

  3. Good job! Holly you're listening you did a couple a full body shots ,showed yourself playing kickball you had pokemon get caught on the screen at the same time you're getting better "those pants though" LOL

  4. Really fun vid!
    Glad Matt is Mystic 😉

  5. Really cool video! Also got my first entei today, always nice to add new stuff on the Pokedex, now all I need is a king's rock so I can get a politoed hope I can get it before gen 3 comes out 😎

  6. Holly, videos like this are why you've beaten Nick, mystic and reversal to being my favourite Pokemon go youtuber. Great video showing an amazing community, congrats on the enteis! I got two suicune catches on my first two raids and I'm happy!

  7. Lugia is really good to. me and my brother did 2v1 Got him to Half life

  8. i bet that baby pikachu knows thunder poop.

  9. Mixtape is awesome. Hope you do more raids with her!!

  10. Shoutout to my favorite PkmnMasterHolly you guys. Everyone Subscribe ▶ Drop a Like 👍 and hit that Bell 🔔 button for Holly. Tell your friends, tell your family. Thank you guys. Much love ♥

  11. Thats awesome matts mom plays and is such a high level, whats matts level? Im one fourth of the way through 38, i dont see myself reaching 40 before the end of the year without some kind of xp event. Good luck Holly i believe in you (but damn thats alot xp)

  12. Keep it and hope you get more entei got three the frist day

  13. Awesome video Holly! You represented our crew so well! You're one of us now, so make sure you come visit once in a while. 🙂

  14. good vibe/atmosphere goalsssss

  15. Great video always. Love that teamwork 👍

  16. Does anyone else notice the last ball is either a critical, three shake or busts out after the first shake

  17. This video just genuinely makes me feel good about myself and the history of this game. I'm glad my area has a strong pokemon go Community and that im the highest level player out of the 4,000 students at my school haha. Thanks for the other amazing video Holly!

  18. Finally found a cool youtuber with Team Valor hype!

  19. Commenting to say hi Toni

  20. That is amazing how you guys have such awesome communities over there. We've been able to get good groups for Raids and a small event here or there, but you guys take it to the next level. That's awesome!

  21. The traffic cones link doesn't load up.

  22. It sure looks like a fun group and your interviewing skills are par Excelant. I liked your using the kickball along side of your Pokémon catches. That was clever.

  23. Looks like i need to be a youtuber to get free shit

  24. I’m briefly in the video how cool is that!? I hope you enjoyed Mondauk Commons!

  25. Thanks for the birthday shout out! You did a great job representing us. Keep it up!

  26. Mix Tape = future holly ?

  27. Looks like I need to move out east lol

  28. Mystics usually get bashed by everyone so generally they are quieter ppl who try not to boast or brag

  29. I was studying, but im gonna take a break just to see you!

  30. Great work on another amazing video Holly. Glad to be part of Pogo Philly United next time I have to join both you and Matt in the future for more raids.

  31. I'm super happy you did those vids with rev and trainer tips. Never would of found you without them, super big fan! Don't stop grinding!

  32. Got to represent the valor of the area ✌️

  33. Out of everything, I like the team cones. I think whoever made and brought them had a really cool idea.

  34. Love all your content Holly

  35. 1st like n comment .

    💖💖💖 holly weeeee!!

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