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  1. Exploud, is it worth powering up

  2. How dare you insult the mighty Flygon!

    (But seriously, he's just a cool design)

  3. a really awesome trick for getting PokeC oins check it here – gamingappcheats.com/pokemongo?241821

  4. So lame, feel like flygon should be waaaay more powerful…. sucks

  5. WAILORD, is it worth to power up for defending Gyms? Is it better than Slaking? – GYM DEFENDERS THAT ARE WORTH TO POWER UP. It would be a helpful video please, thank you @prodigiesnation

  6. Can you compare Scizor and Armoldo? And the best bug type

  7. lol yo I just told a kid this.

  8. Prodigies, could you do Gengar on a future episode? I just caught a 100% one in a raid bonus challenge and am definitely considering burning the stardust on it 😅

  9. heracross is it worht powering up ?

  10. Here is my qeustions I got a 98% iv Ralts, 99% iv Larvitar, 98% iv drantini, and a 99% Seviper what is the max cp for these pokemons?

  11. herocross is it worth powering up

  12. Prodigies nation u are a BASH

  13. Keeping it real lol not worth powering up

  14. You should do a mini series like top 10 gen 1 Pokemon to power up… etc,etc

  15. Really wondering if Armaldo is worth powering up

  16. I understand why u put groudon in cause the type but he shouldn't be in the comparison at all

  17. Nice video, but the % of the health left isnt comparable. If you have 150 or 200HP, 90% isnt the same. Rather compare the lost HP points, since this tells you how many potions you need. (50%, for dead ones, because of revive)

  18. There should be a double stardust berry. Niantic could have done that instead of or as well as star pieces but everyone knows Niantic is just money hungry

  19. Idk why Armaldo,aggron,flygon,and camerupt are so trash they were so good in Pokémon emerald idk why they’re so low cp and atk

  20. Guys these are no shock the only Pokémon worth powering up are the suto pokemon (dragonite salemence metagross etc ) and legends this is it worth powering up thing is easy to figure out just power up what you like if you only do power you may as well stick to legends

  21. YES!

    Because it's my favorite pokemon…

  22. Can you do "is it worth powering up ampharos"?

  23. Flygon is worth powering up because its the greatest Pokemon of all-time.  It's been my fav pokemon since R/s launched an eternity ago.  All the proof you need is on my left arm.  I have a huge shiny Flygon tatoo on my left forearm (if you wanna see it, I have a short vid on my channel showing it off).

  24. I’d say do a video on jynx as ice type

  25. Is Shuckle worth powering up? I put a 100 cp Shuckle in a gym, used another account and was surprised that it wasn't being easily taken out. That's when I found that it has 100% defence. Could you compare it to other common gym defenders?

    Is Breloom, Machamp, Hariyama or Blaziken worth powering up?

  26. Wigglytuff worth powering up or Steelix?

  27. See brother, these videos are completely useless, coz everything is gonna be worse than something else, but anyway, always support you, keep up

  28. You forgot to mention Altaria, which is a Dragon-type 3.gen pokemon as well.

  29. what about armaldo? or armdildo what ever its called

  30. Awesome Content! I really enjoyed your video!

  31. In fact, Gen 3 is kind of trash in Pokemon Go. Nothing is really worth powering up except Metagross, Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. You could always power up Sceptile or Gardevoir but it'll be outpowered soon or later. I'm hyped for Gen 4 personally.

  32. pretty good morning- caught i wild snorlax cp 2122! i got to level 28 not that anyone cares 😉

  33. Are any Gen 3 pokemon worth powering up? Other than Legendaries, no regular pokemon seem worth it.

  34. I needed to know this thanks, was tempted to use rare candies

  35. Niantic really needs to bring out a balancing update for the gen 3 pokemons..They're all so low compared to gen 1 and 2!!

  36. Hey guys it would mean alot if you checked out my channel and subscribed.I post pokemon go videos.

  37. Best Pokémon YouTuber. I love this kind of videos Cruz… 😊👍🏻

  38. Niantic complain theres no diversity in gyms, its allways the same old types. If Niantic want to have diversity the make many pokemon useable rather than unusable. You cant really go on the facts of the mainstream as niantic has added their own mechanics not seen in the mainstreams like candy, stardust. Come on Niantic

  39. I can’t think of anything cringe to comment ;-;

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