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A new Minecraft Pokemon Go adventure. Enjoy!
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  1. No Vikk people with Legend rank get a legendary pokemon… Like soo he can maybe see

  2. Can you name your pokemon vik??? Plz

  3. I call this vid the smacktalk vid

  4. Vik please join Lachlan and Meola at the new pokemon server at ark!! Please

  5. vikk you should battle on the bloon thing

  6. on the rise of kings add am I the only one starring at the girl?


  8. team valor are best in The Word

  9. how dumb is vikk for choosing flareon over shiny ninetales, same natures and all. like so he can see

  10. Why is lachsn so bad at the game

  11. vik gave lachlan snorlax,at the least he can let him use google

  12. Lachlan is such a dick… don't know why anyone wants to be his friend

  13. Have u ever been trolled before?

    Read more

  14. Have u ever been trolled before?

    Read more

  15. Any legend can get a legendary bird

  16. 1:35 really vikk, your whole team is egg pokemon.

  17. Stop googling!!! Your so tip if if u don't know the type of machoke…. It's so annoying.

  18. vikks a pus stop using Google

  19. Perish song on Lapras didnt functioning right?

  20. I think Vick messed up on episodes numbers I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be ep 13 because there is 2 episode elevens

  21. When they were talking about pokedex.Ash rever caught all the pokemon he only saw them

  22. good thing you guys don't use revives and potions that would be such a long fight

  23. who thinks he was cheating🤔🤔🤔 he looked at his other screen a ton

  24. I think Vik should be allowed to use Google, but can't use it for more than a restricted amount of time. You guys can choose how long that can be, and how many "Google lifelines" Vik gets

  25. ash has only caught about 50 since gen 1 to 6

  26. ssj4 goku is black nub lachlan lol

  27. Fire fang shouldn't hit flare on cas his ability, right?

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