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Funny “Pokemon GO” Screenshot Compilation

I found so many interesting screenshots form “Pokemon GO” game, that i’ve decided to do this little compilation of them. The game just came out so i’m sure in the near future we will have a lot more of these on the web 🙂

Music used in the bacground of this video:
Pokemon FR/LG & Remix – Gym Leader Battle Music [Mashup] (HQ) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is1LOjoPsto

Music from my intro: Donors by Letterbox
Music from my outro: Dat Step by Gunnar Olsen

You can download Graphics used in my Intros and Outro, and many more, for free right here: http://www.givemefreeart.com/index.php#.V0sH5eSm3dQ

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  1. Lets pokemon go to my room i took a picachu in the shower this morning

  2. Who ever create pokemon go they should pokemon go to the pole

  3. How about a Dragonite at McDonald's

  4. Hehe thats pretty funny….

  5. Now I know why there's no toilet on Pokémon game

  6. the Magicarp the end of the videos trying to be a Gyarados

  7. There was a time where my friend found a magikarp on top of my head when we were both sitting down the funny part was that I only had a iPad Air so I couldn't play Pokemon go as it has no In built gps then this happening made it look like Pokemon go was teasing me harshly

  8. Squirtle is the biggest thing alive!

  9. me when someone walks in on me taking a crap: 1:13

  10. its just the same thing over and over😣😣😣😣😣😣 it's so so so so so bad😒😒

  11. who has got a tentacool on land cuz i have XD

  12. and it was funny when they Taurus was fighting the dog and it was funny with the Squirtle with a giant in the city crushing the buildings

  13. the funniest one is the dog pooping out a Weedle

  14. Rip full volume users with headphones


  16. the last one should be machamp

  17. Some food with a side of eggs

  18. * come over to my house *
    * can't *
    * whyyyy *
    * snorlax is blocking the road *
    Best excuse ever

  19. I have one picture of a Pidgey on a Pizza! Pidgey Pizza coming up!

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