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Gotta Catch Them All // Pokemon GO!

Today we take to the streets and catch all the Pokemon we can find!


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  1. whats the little knob on the back of his phone?

  2. Daz seems like a great dad taking his daughter Pokemon hunting

  3. Daz……..
    You are very cool.

    song made by:Plaja (MEH)

  5. omfg that exercise bike thing with the hardcore training music almost killed me X'D

  6. don't listen two the guy named daddy

  7. drowzee will eat the dreams through your nostrils. good luck sleeping tonight. oh and it thinks that childrens dreams are more tastier.

  8. you do know that you don't have to be right on top of the pokiemon to catch it

  9. For someone making a lot of money I wouldn't expect him living in that I'm glad he moved

  10. If u don't believe me go on my insta hussain_sk_04_ftw and I have a photo

  11. I got 184 Pokemon and am level 31 to you are really bad at the game 😂😂😂

  12. wait is daz a lefthanded guitar player or right?

  13. dat reverse cap bro all hip n shit

  14. you uploaded this the day I broke my ankle playing pokemon go

  15. daz u have 10 pokemk in your pokedex

  16. Daz just tap on it don't go to it

  17. Wow u have so many guitars! Amazing I love it

  18. When you live in a less populated place and the closest pokéstop is a church

  19. Lol I'd love to play but I have a Nokia lumia. I got it on my iPad but that's way to obvious to be walking around with haha

  20. Daz did u know u don't haft to run up to the Pokemon u can just tap on it < stay cool

  21. I like how daz is so into it it's a funny video keep it up 🙂

  22. either this is sad or kudos to your wife and daughter for sticking with you

  23. Just tap the Pokemon if it's on your screen

  24. I went out pokemon hunting and me and my friend where looking for them and she had caught a pikachu the day before so we walked past some other people playing and we screamed pikachu so they ran and just looked at us when we shouted I gotcha XD we got some weird looks from them

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