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In this episode, I’ll show you a couple cool things from my Pokemon Collection about the Legendary Beasts! Raikou is pronounced “Rai-KOH”, thanks Trainer Tips! I dye my hair at the end of the episode! Watch to find out how I do on 2 Raikou raid battles! Do you think I caught them with luck or baller skillz? Can you beat my score in “WHO’S THAT EGG POKEMON?”? I hope you guys are enjoying my videos!! I really am trying to constantly work hard at these for you all because you guys make me smile SO MUCH! Thank you and hello to all new subscribers!

Quoted Trainer Tips Raikou episode!:

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Shout out to Reversal & Trainer Tips for inspiring this video!
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Filming Camera: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Camera
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8
Screen Capture: Game Launcher
Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro
Phone Mount for Bike:

Songs From the YouTube Audio Library:
Alternate – Vibe Tracks
Pokemon BlueRed – Bicycle Theme
Gym Raid Battle! – New Pokémon GO OST Theme Music Extended
Skull Fire- Jingle Punks

My theme song is by Gender Work! Find their music here:

Pokémon is Copyright Gamefreak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company 2001-2016

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  1. Stopped watching when t*****r t**s appeared

  2. I had a 100% perfect Raikou get away from me today.. Super depressing

  3. You are an absolute dream!

  4. You got me taking AR pictures

  5. @PkmnMasterHolly

    Ok so after seeing you in Trainer Tips videos and noticed how you were hanging out with Reversal I made the decision to subscribe and made a note to watch all of your videos and the videos you had with Reversal.

    Today I decided to see what this one was about and after seeing that time lapse of you riding your bike while playing the bike riding them from Pokémon that did it. I'm making it a priority to catch up on all of your videos!!

    Sidenote: I like your hair color. Have you ever thought about going all blue?

    Keep up the great work!!

  6. 1-6 but my Raikou is a 89% with 1887 cp

    Thanks for being great and wish you all the best

  7. i did 7 raikou raids today 3/7. not bad

  8. "THUNDER PUPPY" WTF !! Haha good one !!

  9. Your videos are really fun to watch. The music matches your bubbly personality 👌🏻

  10. I have to practice my AR throws. The balls went way off screen! Great job Holly.

  11. Looking way more natural in your vids, editing is getting better and that last hair dying part was entertaining and cute. Nice job!

  12. Good content but aleays the same music

  13. These vids are great. Keep it up!

  14. I'm gob smacked you dyed your hair all by yourself…… very impressive!

  15. Dude is not playing no games using 2 phones on the second raikou

  16. LOVE your hair! What color is your hair naturally? I've got medium brown hair, and I've been wanting to add color, but I don't want to bleach it first!

  17. Your hair and the tattoo on your arm go great together and to to top it all of the pikachu ears look so cool I love it

  18. Pkmn master holly your hair color looks nice

  19. Pokemon AR master Holly 🙌🏽

  20. Awesome video! I think you have potential to be a HUGE YouTuber and make so much money that this becomes your full timejob! It's just I actually noticed that your channel isn't growing very fast, which is holding you back! I actually had the same exact problem on my main channel until my friend hooked me up with her promotion service on Fiverr. She wanted to test her promotion strategies on my videos and WOW my main channel virtually exploded after that. She advertised my video in front of millions of people and now I have thousands of views, subscribers, and comments because she brought the right traffic i needed for my particular channel and content. I actually want you to grow and get the views that you deserve, so I'd suggest you look into a promotion service like hers. This is actually the link to her service on fiverr Here is also my main channel if you don't believe me haha. I also have the link to her promotion service posted in the bottom right of the channel banner. Please keep working on your channel! Success is right around the corner!!

  21. beautiful hair. Do you use Discord? That's what I use out here in the Suburbs of Dallas~☆😎

  22. Holly, how come you don't ever use the Prodigies Nation trick to catch Pokémon? It saves you lots of balls in the long run and you can almost guarantee a great or excellent throw D:

  23. Friendly feedback:
    Your videos embrace the fun, and social aspect of playing Pokemon Go. Please don't worry about getting bogged down in the minutiae of the proper way, or the correct way to . . . There's a bunch of channels that do that, but not many are doing what you do. I really like your AR shots with the split screen. I also enjoy your scripted phrases because they remind me of watching TV as a child (always the best part of my day when I was young).

  24. Just started following your channel thanks to Trainer Tips. You're getting much more comfortable in front of the camera, good work.

  25. #ARSQUAD !!! Thanks for reminding me of this.. you take great pictures btw!

  26. I like that "Hot Hot Pink" hair color mix Holly!

  27. Wtf, Does AR mode increase the chances of catching Raikou?! lol

  28. I love seeing girls playing too. It's a beautiful thing

  29. Great job ! You are doing fantastic 😁 oh and the hair is amazing !

  30. Pokemon Soul Silver was Vicious 💯

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