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Home » Videos » Ho-Oh COMING SOON TO POKEMON GO? | Pokemon Movie With Ho-Oh | Getting stung at a Raid

Ho-Oh COMING SOON TO POKEMON GO? | Pokemon Movie With Ho-Oh | Getting stung at a Raid

NEW Pokemon movie to release Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO? Are raids kill Pokemon GO? Catching 3 Moltres | One throw Moltres catch
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Song credit to WTFHAX93 |Pokemon RGBYFRLG – Battle! Kanto Champion! (WTFHAX! Remix V2)

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  1. I have no idea why I always say Oh-oh

  2. Thanks for all the content!

  3. Imo gym battling is absolutely pointless. You almost get zero rewards especially if you live in an area where there is a high turnover rate. The gyms turn over so fast that I don't even get a single pokecoin when my pokemon return… so what's the point??? To waste your potions?

  4. Oh-ho and zapados😂😂😂

  5. why do you think people aint trying to catch pokemon so much anymore..
    the new gym take overs make things move forward more quickly.. better for lower and higher levels… at higher levels you have all the extra bonuses the lower levels lack.

    the new gym system takes a little getting used to you have had more practice than most of us..massive credit to you for the sweet sweet UPloads!!!
    Ho/oH baby… Lets Go!!! %D now i must construct an uparifftaroar!

  6. I thought Ho-Oh's data was taken out along with the other legendaries that haven't came out yet (celibi, and the 3 dogs)

  7. I saw that ho oh's max cp was around 4400-4500

  8. Totally with you on the 6 vs: 10 issue. Also, us rural players need way more gyms. And the coin count should be increased to at least 100 per day. I used to have as many as 14 gyms, but now I try for 3 or 4. We have a decent local raid group, but what happens when the legendary raids end? Also, the raids block gyms for much of the day – so gym battles take place at night – and I know that many of those are done by spoofers. Just look at the names of the trainers come the next morning… gibberish letters and numbers. Bots and spoofers… <sigh> (Just some thoughts while you spoke…)

  9. Thanks for letting us know about this. Otherwise I would have wasted all my stardust on moltres.

  10. I don't know about the old gym system being superior. I spent, with another player, a solid hour taking down a gym with pokemon being fed berries. Take em down and they built them back up, until they stopped feeding them. I guess it depends on the gym and the poke owners but sometimes it can be even more taxing than it was and it's a bit more action oriented for the people in the gym

  11. I think lugia and the three birds will disappear then ho-oh and the three dogs will show up

  12. Question: moltres or lugia to power up⁉️

  13. Beedrill was pissed off at that moment lol

  14. Ho-Oh is the Santa in Bird Form

  15. Omg i am so excited zapdos and ho oh !!!!

  16. each bird was out for at least a week so once zapdos is out for about a week lugia and zapdos will dissapper and ho-oh and suicune will come that's what I think (suicune because its blue and mystic got there bird first so I think mystic will get there dog if that makes sense

  17. That pronunciation of zapdos

  18. I see so much hate just because a few mispronounced names.

    Lets be real, We've all said at least ONE pokemon name incorrectly. Frankly, who cares if people dislike the way you say it? I say go with what ever you're more comfortable saying. (Rattata is a HUGE example.)

  19. Why do you evolve so many of the same mons? Like so many koffings for example?

  20. Ho-oh Will be 4600! And raid cp 55000

  21. I think Ho-oh will be released after Zapdos. Legendaries start off with Lugia n Articuno. Then Moltres n Zapdos. Finish with Ho-oh. Theres a short trailer with ash hat pikachu n a Pokestop that shows Ho-oh's shadow flying by. The fact that they show a pokestop makes me belive that its a tease for pokemon go.

  22. I wish there would be a more "RPG-like" progression for the pokemons. The more you battle with them, the more they become unique and have a "bound" with you. I agree with you that raids is a bit Killing the walking and capture aspect of the game (I don't walk to catch Pokémons anymore, I just go to raids and don't even hatch eggs anymore). I think the raid system will last until the end of summer vacation. It's getting a bit boring and time consuming (you have to wait until people gather, you run after legendary raids and most of time fail to catch them). You expect another one to get your chance but it's not coming any time soon and when it comes, you have Something else to do. lol I really think they should release legendaries in the wild later (spoofers get the legendaries in raids already, so that won't be a big difference) or even get them in super rare eggs and have to walk them 30kms. That would be cool to me.

  23. Im pretty sure ho-oh is gonna come with raikou suicune and entei. If u played the second gen of pokemon u would know the story between them, also lugia came with the other birds so it makes sense

  24. So many jackasses in the comments, don't listen to the hate bro

  25. Wait but the picture on the right says july?? Im confused

  26. “zapados?” “oh-ho?” lel

  27. But the date on picture is 7.15 , so it was in July ???

  28. Yes, I have the same opinion on the current situation. The raid system is destroying the game. A lot of Trainers just focus on the raid and not willing to try the other tasks of the game. They can gain the strong Pokemon and XP via raids. Normal gym battles, eggs hatching, walking with buddy and catching Pokemon are not important and not in the list now.
    I am quite worried about the future of this game, unless Niantic starts the other re-work the whole system again.

  29. It's zapdos not zapados you pronounce it Zapdose

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