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Pokémon GO – 2016 (YouTube Gaming)


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  1. ProdigiesNation…why don't you use the search feature on the top right (while scrolling through your pokemon)…you can just start either typing the name or the type you want and it you'll save a ton of time in the long-run.

  2. I love how this video ends

  3. yeah yeah…I'll admit it….I do throw straight balls really good with a lot of excellent throws but I am now practicing on my curve balls…sigh. I have the first two legendaries…but tried Moltres 6 times and still did not catch it..sigh. Did not have a go at Zapdos yet 🙁 So show me how to do it!

  4. haha thank u for this vid omg.
    I have been practicing and now i can reliably hit with a curve, and i even can get greats often.
    When i master greats, then i will try excellents.

    I agree practicing is only way to do it. Just keep missing curves until u hit them regularly. Then when you can get curves 99% of time, you will learn great throws.

    On friday i landed a great curve on a moltres, caught him. And it wasnt an accidental great i was trying lol. PROUD!

  5. this guy sounds like Adam Sandler and its awesome lol

  6. Awesome music! Great video too😊

  7. At level 10 I masters the curve ball

  8. Isn't zen headbutt a legacy move? 😮

  9. Extra sensory does the same dmg against single weakness (1,4x) as bulled seed (unless you have 15iv attack lvl36, then Extra Sensory does more dmg against single weakness) and has the same cooldown. The difference is that Bullet Seed gives a bit more energy per hit for the solar beams. Is it that much that you need 1 more quick attack to fill the bar, I don't know. Bullet Seed is better for double weaknesses of course.

  10. Your expressions on hitting Excellent makes my day 😂

  11. Omg I used to waste so many balls on zubat. Lol. Glad I got throw game down now!

  12. Do you have any tips on how to throw curve ball at long distances like Venusaur + Arti/Molt for those who're using screen protectors on their phone? I can do them 100% on short and medium distance, but it's almost impossible with long distances pokemon due to the friction on the tip of the finger/thumb. I worry Mewtwo may have the same distance as Venusaur. An excellent straight throw has lower capture rate than a non-bonus curve throw. I hope Mewtwo has the same distance as Zapdos instead of Arti/Molt.

  13. What's with the santa hat? Why a santa hat???? Is anybody else confused by the santa hat????

  14. ProdigiesNation, your tips on getting great and excellent throws really has helped me, thanks for sharing the advice! I've noticed on Lugia, which I also despise, to stop the target ring when he attacks seems very hard. When I go to throw, it always seems to go to large again.. is this why you don't wait for the attack moves to throw?

  15. This is stupid, every time I get a exellent throw, a pokemon will always escape.

  16. Guys! I got an awesome c heat to get tons of PokeC oins fast! its posted online here –

  17. Como você tem mais de uma Sakura?

  18. you didnt get the gym control bonus

  19. 0:08 that reaction was priceless 😂😂😂

  20. I can't hit excellents on weedles

  21. This guy is high-as-a-fucking-kite.

  22. Throw mechanics have changed a couple of times so again, if people haven't tried it when it's easy, they won't try it again. Same thing with gym battles. Too hard to gain prestige –> never again

  23. Bye Bye T Tips, who doesn't do any tips at all. Bye Bye all the 'famous' tubers. You are the best ATM. Some tutorials would be cool, keep up the good work!

  24. Man, what's the music from the Vaporeon solo raid? That's really cool!

  25. Hey prodigies what's your seen/caught ratios on Lugia and moltres?

  26. Hey ProdigiesNation, Did you catch a perfect legendary yet? If yes can you show the difference between like 100 iv and a 66%iv pokemon (which if I am right is the lowest we can get)
    Thank you, and keep up the good work

  27. Thanks to you today I catch one Zapdos with Pinap berry and excellent trowh =D

  28. you are so high on urself. You are disgusting like trainer tips. Kys

  29. Thank you for posting this bro. Honestly I see people get so mad at not being able to catch legendaries. When I ask them if they use curveballs they ALWAYS say no. I have gone 25/25 for legendaries using golden razz/great/excellent and curveballs. I feel bad when people don't get them but I mean… Git gud. That's all I can really say lol.

  30. Bulletseed needs a huge buff >:(

  31. If you master excellent throws then you suck.

  32. There is an interesting note regarding curveballs. The Lugia you got did not register curveball. This is it because according to a thread in silph road, curveball is registered when the ball lands or has trajectory to the opposite half of the vertical axis compared to the spinning direction. Eg if you spin it in the right half of the screen (with a right direction) then the ball needs to land or travel to the left side of the screen. I have focused on it and improved m catch rate apart from the RNG luck.

  33. How do you have almost 14,000 Eevee candies?!

  34. I get it and I am getting better, but I am level 39.5 legit and I did it by being stubborn and not getting better at throwing. I will no longer pass them.

  35. At first I was afraid I was wasting too many poke balls trying curveballs too, but I solved that at Bicentennial Mall. There are so many pokestops there that I filled up my bag and threw at EVERYTHING. There are enough stops there that you really don't have to worry about wasting balls. If I ran out, I'd just drive the loop a few more times and stock back up.

    If you want to get your curveball game on point, that's my suggestion. Dedicate a few hours in an area with tons of pokestops, and throw at everything. The upside is that if you do that and only throw regular pokeballs, you'll go home with a good stash of ultra and great balls, which by the way, was my nickname in college.

  36. Please make a guide on soloing Flareon and Jolteon!!

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