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Update 0.89.1 on Pokemon GO.

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  1. I have Samsung.. the update is not available yet

  2. I hope that Great ball save isn't a bug. I use my pokeballs for my Go Plus and everything else while I'm luring, or playing. I find it so annoying that i have to switch the ball every time to throw a different ball. I like this feature a lot.

  3. Bring back Minor Text Fixes!

  4. Update isnt out on ios for me, yet. How much longer do you think?

  5. So glad they finally fixed the scroll bug


  7. Prodigiesnation, Could you please do a video on Exploud (coming soon) and all other normal type attackers?

  8. My game stil broken… No new update… Help 🙁

  9. Any idea when this went live? I don't have the update yet and it's not in my updates. I am on Android/

  10. Chinese New Year starts on 16 February 2018…… Maybe that is their idea for the 2018 screen…..

  11. The Ball saved because its a feature with the new uodate.

  12. +ProdigiesNation When the party system was introducted, they said it was in beta and that the parties would be stored only on your phone.

  13. That beard is getting thicker

  14. I don’t have any updates available and not seeing any of these changes?

  15. If the ball thing is a glitch, only Niantic can improve the game on accident. LOL

  16. I would like it if they would save the ball for pokemon. If I trow an ultra ball at a pokemon i will probably do that next time aswell

  17. My god: shave yourself!!!! 😂

  18. What do you mean exactly? Talking about the ball bug. I didn't get it.

  19. Haven't got the new update!!!! 😠 I havr to wait till ibahave it to raid because it so hard to catch it….A T_T

  20. Also kyogre is closer in the update. Closer kyogre with a larger circle = prodigiesnation smirk after excellent throws.

  21. Nice update, but i liked the difficult on Kyogre):

  22. They also added another "feature", when catching any flying types, they dodge off ur screen now.

  23. That ball thing is feature what i read. Really good one for us go+ user no need to change balls all the time

  24. thanks for the arrow in thumbnail I couldn't see the circle without it

  25. The circle appears bigger but its not. Kyogre has been moved forward/closer so you dont have to throw as far

  26. I don't think the Pokeball thing is a bug, at least logically that is. For the game to save a state, it requires additional resource under the form of a variable that is active at all times. In my opinion it's something they were possibly messing with and forgot to take out or to highlight in patch notes. If they gave us a toggle option for that, it would be awesome and I'd personally enjoy the new "Feature".

  27. Wailord now fits in the picture when it's your buddy.

  28. Bro your editing skills are skyrocketing!! I loved the way you finished the video! Keep it up

  29. Yeah thank you Cruz. I don't have the update yet but som cool things on this update. Can't wait

  30. Love your videos bro!! Can you do a video on sharpedo as a water type or dark type compared to other same type Mons??

  31. I hope the ball staying the same is here to stay. Thanks for updates.

  32. I like the new ball selection. I like to manually catch with great and save regular balls for plus.

  33. where did you donwload the apk fro android?

  34. Oh thank god. I'm 0/5 on Kyogre. But I'm also finding it to be difficult to hit it with a curveball because he is so far away for some reason I just can't get the hit right.

  35. I'm 0/10 on kyogre and I missed no more than 1 ball on each. I already lost a 98% and 3 96%

  36. The update isn't even live-in India…and I've already lost my 100iv kyogre

  37. For me it was still way back thete #kyogre

  38. Beta means that they are still working on it.. The parties only currently save on your phone, when it is out of beta it'll probably save in the cloud

  39. My game is still not updated 🙁

  40. When the updatate coming to IOS

  41. Cool. Niantic finally fixed something, but as you said, the New Year screen kinda late to arrive… LOL

  42. I saw the update details, but it hasn't appeared in the app store yet. I use android. Maybe only iphone update has hit so far.

  43. Amazing update. All the little things i was annoyed with were fixed. Im super happy

  44. Can you tell us more how to get more xp on community day and how will you be spending your day there ??

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