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  1. How many shiny Pikachu did you catch?

  2. what?! Ninetales is not soloable using Vaporeon? Is Rhydon with Surf good for it? all-Xatu Machamp takedown was great and Big Daddy Red took down Ninetales with some Exeggutors. I hope you do more solo raid takedowns using unexpected mons

  3. I always wait till the boss has left before I power one up. I have not followed this advice in the past has used a lot of star dust when I shouldn't have

  4. I really liked the Community Day event, think it should be a little longer tho!!!
    I was one of the unlucky ones that didnt get a Shiny one😭😭😭saw 75 pikachu and no luck

  5. Waterfall might be the best water type quick move, but I still prefer Water Gun, simply because it's easier to dodge with.

  6. Hey man great videos how about doing a video on is lanturn worth powering up

  7. sharpedo is a ugly looking pokemon, like a half cutted shark

  8. I think it was a great idea.. I hope they release.. Mr mine.. like this

  9. What Pokémon are worth investing rare candies in? Any suggestions

  10. Community Day was super fun. Great to see new and familiar faces! It's already said to be monthly so looking forward to that 🙂

  11. Quick question: if I don't have a perfect legendary, would you still power it up a bit if it has a perfect attack stat?

  12. I had 10 balls to catch a 100% iv Kyogre, it took me while to comprehend what was going on. I put my phone down, collected myself and proceeded to try and catch it. It wasn't until the very LAST BALL I caught it. Pure LUCK!!

  13. You said the simulation was done with a feint attack/ heat wave Ninetales. Since Sharpedo is dark type it likely performed slightly better against Ninetales' feint attack than Kyogre or Gyarados, who would take neutral damage. Therefore, in this simulation, Sharpedo likely performed better than it should have if it was fire spin/ heatwave Ninetales.

  14. I think these legendaries are not worth powering up, since if you play the game often you likely have a good number of them. In what instance would you need one powered up rather than just use your stock of 10-15 of them, and save stardust?

  15. Would be interesting to see Articuno in one of these videos.

  16. Thanks! Love the community day!

  17. it was very short, this Community Day, nonetheless, it was enjoyable, catching my first shiny.

  18. I found a 96 kyogre and I was so happy and I was about to Power it up, and then two raids later I found a 98 one hahahaha

  19. anyone needs some lures? Got 70 to give away. I gotta clean up to get more potions and revives😂 if you want soem dm me on insta @austria_yoyoking.
    btw im a real person and no scam😂

  20. The last Pikachu I found before the community day ended was a shiny and eventually I threw an ultra ball at it or something. It was shaking in the ultra ball then my game froze. I'm like… if I didn't catch this when I log back in I'm going to be super pissed. I log back in and I see in my log that shiny Pikachu was caught. 8^D crappy IVs but still shiny Pikachu

  21. Came out the last 40mins.
    Walked the whole neighbourhood.2 shinies. Pretty great event.

  22. Yes, I enjoyed both the Community Day content and the "Is it worth powering up?" content. More of both when the time comes, please. 😉

  23. My second ever Kyogre was 100% I'm still in shock. Didn't even have the circle catch update but I still caught it. Gonna power it up asap!

  24. I have been really enjoying the gen 3 release updates and can't wait for the next wave BUT this community day event was by far the most fun event i've experienced since gen 2 released. Only thing that would be great is an ex invite by now After 1 year of waiting 😉

  25. Community day was amazing, would love to see more things like this! As a new player it helps bring out the OG's to help with raids, teaching us stuff and just general interaction with people. I caught 2 shiny pikachus <3

  26. Too bad I was At work man couldn't play Pokemon go as I should.. but I caught 1 shiny Pikachu with 91%

  27. On your last ball I notice you gave a gold raspberry but it never popped on his top left. That means he didn’t take. You have to wait till the Barry appears

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