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Home » Videos » MAXING OUT LUGIA POKEMON GO | TMs on Lugia | Using 200k Stardust | Rare Candy Trick

MAXING OUT LUGIA POKEMON GO | TMs on Lugia | Using 200k Stardust | Rare Candy Trick

Maxing out Lugia using 200,000 Stardust | using Fast TMs on Lugia | Rare Candy Transform trick | Pokemon GO Legendary birds power up!
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  1. MAXING OUT ARTICUNO POKEMON GO | 200K Stardust | Maxed out Legendaries | Gym Test

  2. My first was 93% but omg so many stardust to put on max…

  3. possibly allow one legendary per gym after all legendaries have been released?

  4. Thrace huh?! Funny name 🙂

  5. How are u seeing the IV score on that Lugia

  6. how much money are you spending a day to get this many items. seriously….

  7. 555 rare candies? Wow!! nice video!

  8. I just caught a articuno today took me some days

  9. What cp is your best pokemon?

  10. Its the same with leveling it up and with evolving pokemons.
    There should be a way to just choose all the pokemons I want to evolve and let me evolve them all with one click.
    The same with leveling up/powering up, choosing a pokemon and then sliding a slidered to set how much you want to spend or to what level you want to power it up to.

  11. How the hell do you get so much stardust seriously wtf!!

  12. Poké AK Hi if I give you my account trainer, you can capture it to me.(ONLY ONE PLEASE,YOU CAN CONTACT ME ON INSTAGRAM karim02

  13. Lugia is weaker than a dragonite

  14. Hey, which phone are you using? Your game seems to run rather smooth.

  15. 600 plus rare candy. You are awesome man

  16. I am going to max the CRAP out of pikachu. ( special pikachu ) to show HOW A LITTLE MOUSE CAN BEAT UP DRANGONITE.

    Btw I am bad at spelling Pokémon's names, super sorry to all Pokémon fans

  17. Wait it's not 2016 it's 2017 lugia your wrong LUGIA YOUR GUUD LEGENDARY LOL

  18. My lugia is l30 with 166hp, so, 130k dust and 152 rare candy for another 9hp, meaning it gets about 5% boust in stats. Is it really worth it?

  19. I would be happy if i have a artikuno or a lugia… they are always break free i also just get shit from lvl 5 raids 2 rare candys every time, no tm's almonst no golden razz berrys… but thousands of revive

  20. What do you use to check the stats like IV?

  21. 686 RARE CANDY ?!?!?!??!?!!?!!?!?!??@?!?Ti4ruy hfguswistigjdigf

  22. Fyi dragon tail is better than his extrasensory. Pokemongodb

  23. the best iv calculator?thanks

  24. Um hi I have a question. How do you get legendary Pokemon? Do they come from raids or something or do they just spawn like normal pokes but rarer?

  25. Maxed out just under 3500… oh man. Should've waited.

  26. I haven't seen a Lydia raid yet but I have seen 2 articuno. I was not even able to catch articuno though because I was the only one in the raid😭 I want a legendary.

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