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  1. Still haven't got one 🤔🤔

  2. I completely agree with the one mewtwo thing

  3. Please, respect your own titles videos!

  4. Love the Rat as FSUATL as your buddy! Classic.

  5. Why is your raticate called FSUATL? That doesn’t make any sense

  6. Man that's another Mention of Holly. That girl has sky rocketed through each youtuber either by channel or by mention. I rarely hear Prodigies mention any other youtuber. But so far Nick and Rev. Have had her on. Prodigies and Red have mentioned her because of the challenge or just because. Really goes to show a cute girl in a dominated boys game can boom in this business lol

  7. Prodigies what do you think of AK saying that it's easier to get to level 40 and its kind of making the 40 group weaker?

  8. which is the max. for a 100% Mewtwo?

  9. I don't understand how I still don't have a mewtwo. Since EX raids were released, I've done on average 100 raids per legendary Pokemon release. I've done over 1000 raids and still haven't received an EX pass. I feel like I'm one of very few now that still haven't even had a chance at mewtwo. I've spent SOOOOOO much money on raid passes in hopes of getting an EX pass. No luck at all. I've bout' given up..

  10. I can’t wait for your next livestream because I love seeing “FSUATL found a candy!”

  11. why you called raticate FSUATL and why is it you buddy?

  12. I'm french but I love your videos so much. Hopefully I'll be able to see you at at the next Pokemon Go event I go to.

  13. you named the raticate buddy fsuatl 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. In case you dint know even a 60% mewtwo is a 96% mewtwo dont belive me? do the math.

  15. That 2244 mewtwo is no way in hell 69%, you've powered it up… needs to be <2200 for it to be 69 at lvl20.
    My 91% was 2249 when catching it.

  16. Dragonball super episode 118 was so sad 😢😢😢😢

  17. Best move set for tyranitar? Currently bite stone edge

  18. whats the best moves for ho-oh attacking wise?

  19. Dayum FSUATL as a raticate LOL

  20. Getting a legend on the raid boss on the last ball is one of the best feelings

  21. You should have force closed the app, then drop a lucky egg and then join back in. Would have been smarter, 20k XP given away.

  22. It's well after the event now and still not getting ANY revives from pokestops and very few potions and I've been hitting up those stops like crazy.. because I literally can't raid battle anymore now that I've completely run out of revives trying to get Ho-oh.. what are every ones thoughts on this?? Is it just me or another one of Niantics slimy money grubbing tricks to get us to buy max revives and max potions?

  23. We were 5 people who took down hooh and we were lv 34,33,37,40,40

  24. You need gyarados with hydro pump to beat ho-oh with solar beam. Gyarados is part flying

  25. I agree. I think Niantic should limit it to one NewTwo per trainer.

  26. Umbreons rings now glow if you tap on it (with new update)

  27. Just so you know 98 IV doesn’t exist. It’s always 97.8, same applies for lots of other examples.

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