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My Highest CP Dragonite Encountered In The Wild! IT’S OVER 3,000!!! Pokemon GO

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  1. i have seen only 1 wild dragonite, and it was 300cp xD but he had amaizing iv and 2nd best moveset( and that was something great without tms) so now he has 3050 cp.

  2. My highest dragonite has the cp of 3501

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  4. The highest I've seen was like 2934cp Ran on the first ball lol

  5. Mine was 2971. I transfered it during double candy event, cuz IV were trash and I needed inventory space. 😀

  6. I feel like the place that spawns dragonite the most is Sydney Australia.

  7. You should try the myfitnesspal app. Works better than a notebook for recording your intake and workouts.

  8. I don’t know what this “iOS 11 go plus bug” I have no problems don’t get it…

  9. Highest CP Dragonite in the wild = 0CP, Never found one…..

  10. Best of luck on your fitness regime.

  11. I know you are a spoofer

  12. Planet fitness??? A rea gym?!?! 😂😂😂

  13. The GOplus works on iOS 11 always has but you can’t close the screen and use it. That’s the only issue I have.

  14. I don't know why but I have been sub to your channel for almost a year and it's not saying I am . 2808 dragonite is my best

  15. I see your back at using your tracker again,I know I know, once you use it and it works good it's hard not to use. Well if Niantic don't catch you using keep using it, same principle goes when people use spoofing.

  16. I've caught a 93% 2933CP Dragonite at Long Beach Pier, California

  17. I’ve caught 2 over 3000cp and I spoof a lot so fair play Man U good

  18. i stopped hitting the gym because an inguinal hernia 🙁
    been out for 11 months i dont want the surgery.

  19. am level 37, never seen a Dragonite in the wild!!!

  20. The only wild Dragonite I’ve caught was 2636.

  21. I’ve only caught 1 Dragonite in the wild and it was 1238 with trash IVs XD

  22. what is the damn OUTRO song ??? plz

  23. I've never found anything amazing in the wild and I'm level 28 let alone a Dragonite

  24. I support you working out dude. It'll work wonders both mentally and physically <3

  25. caught 3070, 3038 and 3033

  26. my go plus connects fine to my iPhone X 😉

  27. Cp 2739 is by far my highest dragonite.

  28. I caught a 188 cp karp in the wild

  29. literally had THREE dragonites spawn today in the span of 4 hours …. one at 45 cp 11 % ivv another one at 71 % 900 cp and the last one just now at 1700ish ar 89% iv , had a gyarados spawn 2 towns over and a 100 % eevee in one of the spots where a dragonite spawned , crazy day for pogo today

  30. Am I the only one who stops the microwave at 1 second to stop it from beeping like if you do too

  31. Do you think walking while grinding instead of driving would be a good 2for1?

  32. found a 2824 CP one when i was level 29 a year ago, it was insane,

  33. 2800 Dragonite but trash ivs. 🤣👍

  34. I need one go plus😭😭😭😭 it will help me a lot….but cannot afford to but it😭😭😭😭

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