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Home » Videos » NIANTIC BANNING SPOOFERS? Pokemon GO New Ban Warning Message

NIANTIC BANNING SPOOFERS? Pokemon GO New Ban Warning Message

Pokemon GO Ban Warnings! Is Niantic Finally Banning Spoofers & People Are Question if people using trackers are getting banned.
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  1. Did I get ya?!

    Also what do you think of the new warning messages?

  2. Wait, so then if you are using poke snipers will you get banned?

  3. Maybe it's good thing. What about some one that is in a wheel chair and they can't go walking but they really want to play?

  4. Who the actual fuck play this dead game anymore..

  5. I'm a little bit nervous. I got this Message. I'm no hacker, spoofer or something else. I don't use 3rd Party Apps. I don't use any Trackers. I don't know why i got this Message. I will be really mad if they would ban my account for no reason.

  6. does anyone know how long this message lasts for

  7. i used iv go checker and got that message

  8. Tired of all these click bait videos

  9. You can't ban hackers, they will always find away around it


  11. What's your problem with spoofers? If you don't want to use it, let those who want to do as they wish. What's your problem?

  12. Gosh danggit….relief…..

  13. But you are using something that is violation of the terms of service. Plus you still drive around looking down at your phone. Please stop before you hurt someone.

  14. oh… no… I being banned, but long time ago… lolx I quick pekomon go d. no time to play. hahha..

  15. 🙁 spoofers run most the gyms in the nearest town to me.

  16. Don't take the girl with you house shopping and you will get done a lot quicker

  17. nice clickbait faggot, go back to using your maps like a faggot too

  18. Players that used trackers also should get banned. Hopefully ur account will get banned ben😉

  19. i was using a iv checker, and this got me scared, does anybody know if this message stops popping up after a certrain amount of time

  20. what about iv stats? because that is google authentication to log in

  21. Niantic REMOVED my schools gym when my hacked snorlax was in there and now i havent even got a Warning XD

  22. I use fly gps , should I stop it ? please reply Ben

  23. if spoofing is cheating so is using a tracker. yes Ben I'm pointing at u ☝

  24. I have a tracking app called Pokelive which isn't linked to my account in away. Will I get banned??

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