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Pokemon Go Catching Moltres! Got In really early today for Moltres
Pokemon Go raids have been very enjoyable looking for more 😛
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  1. Hey it's the seedy gym from the full Magikarp battle, how's tinky winky doing? :kai:

  2. Got it on my 5th raid attempt.
    My friend got 3 out of his 4 raid attempts.

  3. Dude you suck @ pkmn go you throw bricks

  4. I beat 2 moltres in a row and I missed them both 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Why do you spin? I know it gets a higher chance but you miss more often too, right?

  6. Who else like can't catch any legendaries

  7. Pokemon Go don't work on my damn phone

  8. It broke out of the ball all the time, for me 🙁

  9. I caught him today seems easier to beat than the others. Yippee my first legendary.

  10. Theme Team idea: Walk around on Pokemon Go, catch the first 6 pokemon you see, and use them in a team (You can use their evolved forms if you like)

  11. I'm so happy for you I BATTLED 1 AND RAN OUT OF BALLS. FML

  12. now you just have to do a moltres sweep in sun/moon 🙂

  13. did it with 5 players today, definetly a lot easier than the lugia or articuno

  14. Congrats on the Moltres! Done 5 raids this morning and caught 4 so far, looking forward to getting out for more later!

  15. You should do a theme team of all pink fairy type pokemon
    Majority of the pokemon's color has to pink

  16. I'm about to vs the Pokémon League in fire red right now

  17. Moltres can be done with 6/7 with articuno needing 8 ???

  18. I managed to beat the Moltres with 7 people. Had about 130 seconds left. Seems to be easier than a tyranitar raid 🤔

  19. Was anyone else low key yelling at Pimpnite to stop getting fancy with the curveball? I mean, it's only 10 extra XP. Why risk not getting a MOLTRES becase you wanted 10 extra XP? If there's a logic for that please enlighten me because it just seems dumb to me.

  20. Does a Lucky Egg double EXP after defeating a raid boss?

  21. Full Emoji Movie Team!
    Gene – Chingling
    JailBreak – Gothita?
    Hi-5 – Hariyama w/ Fake Out
    Poop – Diglett
    Rotten Tomatoes Rating (6%) – Unown #6 form
    Cancer – Solosis

  22. You already caught a moltres and i can't even beat a bayleef.

  23. I'm super salty XD Went to 3 Moltres raids all over town, hit all three of them with about 27 total pokeballs and I haven't caught one yet.

  24. this game is still alive??

  25. Hey pimp I caught my own moltres XD

  26. I actually got it first try lol

  27. Now that's​-a spicy birb

  28. Could we see a ~FULL BLUE (MANGA) TEAM~, please?
    His team is:

    Scizor (Was Scyther in Red & Blue chapters)
    Charizard (Mega Charizard Y, too)
    Porygon2 (Once Porygon)
    Rhyperior (Once Rhydon)

  29. My uncle caught a Moltres yesterday

  30. am the only one that laughed at the random politoed

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