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Home » Videos » Pokemon GO | Disproving The Nanab/Golden Razzberry Theory Of Guaranteed Legendary Catches

Pokemon GO | Disproving The Nanab/Golden Razzberry Theory Of Guaranteed Legendary Catches

I set out with an open mind to test for myself whether this theory has any merit


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  1. Legendaries doesn't like curved balls

  2. Of course the nanab calms it down that's what it does

  3. Excellent video topic! Subscribed!

  4. Good to see what I'm also experiencing. Nanab does help calm the birds and it's effect does carry over for a few minutes but I say the alternating nanab/golden method is debunked.

  5. My thoughts so far is that this method isn't any better or worst than normal Gold Razz. I believe it's all about the same odds. So far, I have had just as much luck with just using Gold Razz alone. I haven't been able to use the nanab method a lot, as I have ran out of nanab to test it much. But I have failed at least one to two attempts using this method fully. And yet, I have caught others just using the Gold Razz, sometimes with the first or second ball thrown without an excellent or great throw at that. It's all just blind luck. Sometimes I can catch 3 legendaries in a row, sometimes I will lose 3 in a row, etc. It's all just random luck I think.

  6. No mon will move after giving him a nanaberry. Using nanaberries on Ttar is great because his attack animation is so short in duration it's hard (at least for me) to get a hit without him deflecting it. Use a nanaberry and he just "derps" there without worry of a deflection. Same with any legendaries. You have 0% chance of a catch if it's dodged/deflected by the mon.

  7. 8/10 using the berry trick

  8. im 12 for 12 with nanab and golden

  9. dude i was watching it I have a 3 out of 3 and looking at your throws they are horrible you don't hit the bulls eye point

  10. I really enjoyed this, thank you!

  11. bullshit I try it and I failed as it because I'm a low 29

  12. I don't believe the trick works it's all luck

  13. I seriously don't want to believe in any theory.. at this rate i think its just random luck. One day 5 ran.. another day caught 4 with just one ball not even a nice throw.

  14. When you give him the golden rasp,Wait until he attacks and then throw the ball!That should do the trick!

  15. It works for me. I've gotten Lugia and moltres. I even used it on Snorlax and got it this way lol

  16. no offense but you really need to work on your throws.

  17. Just because it didn't work for you it dose the mean it dosnt work at all

  18. It worked for me on 6/7 times, the one when it ran away i had no nanab, some other people here had good results on doing the trick

  19. It worked for my son one time so 50% chance I guess

  20. why dont you keep using nanabs and the golden razz berries? thats so stupid

  21. it's supposed to be nanab, golden, nanab, and then golden for the rest of your balls. Watch prodegies nation

  22. I've noticed it doesn't work that well for people that spin, I don't and so far I'm 3/3 but it doesn't seem to work on Lugia

  23. So much confirmation bias with this it could almost form the basis of a religion. Thank you for taking on the unfortunately necessary debunking.

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