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Pokemon Go Easiest & Most Effective Way To Catch A Legendary!

How to get Excellent & Great throws:

————————————————————————————————————- Capture Rate Percentages:
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  1. Tutorial on Lugia is next!

  2. you "CAN'T" leave the area anymore i used to do it but now i get network error every single time so doesnt work anymore.. u can when u in capture mode" but u cant leave until then

  3. Thank you so much! 😊

  4. i found an awesome method to to get tons of PokeC oins! check it here –

  5. I caught a 80% articuno.. golden razz berry.. curve ball.. regular throw.. bronze ice type medal.. who wants to do the math and give me the catch rate %

  6. I have 10 lugias and 5 articunos and most of mycaptures were just lazy throws, because when I used golden razz with execellent curve ball they would instantly pop out….

  7. (Pokemon back in the day)
    OMG i just caught Jigglypuff!
    (Pokemon Now)
    Skrubs! I have a legendary and a 1996 Flareon!

  8. I want to die I watched this after losing two Articunos.

  9. Honestly with as many hits as you're doing on YouTube, if you have the cash you really should invested into your videos and production

  10. This guy is 40 and consumed by a child's game. 😂😂 I bet he doesn't get much pussy.

  11. thanks for the advice ProdigiesNation, now I have 2 Lugias and 2 Articunos

  12. got 4 outta 4 raids after using this trick. Thanks man 🙂

  13. Caught my first articuno today, thanks man you're awesome 👏🏻

  14. I hit lugia with 4 excellent golden razz curveball and it still ran. I hit 4 great throws too

  15. Wait 23 percent with an excellent golden razz, but 90 percent with a great? A mistake?

  16. No need to bashing TrainerTips and other Youtubers…they are all here to help us. I respect them all. Yes I am a huge fan of TT but come on. And yea thank you for advice ProdigiesNation – always good.

  17. 41.79102401315301,-87.5816972181201 tyranitor raid…join now

  18. OH. MY. GOD. I literally just got Articuno with a critical catch!!! I was trying to follow your tips, I practiced throwing exellents, I also got gold flying type medal. It was so intense, I only had two balls left and then it happend.. still can’t believe it

  19. Thanks for this! I have to start practicing curve balls because I just cannot throw them 🙁 But I did catch my legendaries though since I do throw many great and excellent 🙂

  20. I have 3 articuno and 1 lugia , also 3 articuno ran away

  21. damn seems like i did this all the time. i got 1 lugia out of 10 raids…

  22. I saw that critical catch. Jealous.

  23. Take magikarp as your first Pokémon in a lugia Raid. First throw and everyone of us caught it.

  24. Hy buddy super star dust

  25. Not easy at alllll i got excellent curve 4 times ina row and it ran

  26. Thanks man… your trick really works… i like the patience thing too!

  27. 7 Articunos ran from me. I have used all my golden razzberries.

  28. Haven't even been getting excellent or great throws, just curving it when the circle is small right after it attacks and catching it almost every single time (4/4 since watching your other video). Not sure what the odds are for that, but maybe I'll try to go for excellents next time

  29. What country is this player from ?

  30. It doesnt work for me. Do I need to throw the ball accurately too?

  31. I've actually had issues where the circle isn't actually staying the same, anyone else having the same issues?

  32. I caught both my lugias with a critical throw, Wish I was recording, my brother and his friend did over 6 lugia raids not one of them caught it, I did 2 raids and got both crits GG!

  33. I've fought 2 lugia and 2 articuno hopefully with this trick i can finally catch one thank you prodigiesnation and trainertips

  34. 1 of 6 Articunos. My team dominated the raids on the weekend & i was patient. I didn't catch it on great or excellent. I got it on a nice throw. After the catch % was changed I finally got another & it was not even a nice throw. That's 29 Articunos caught. Lugia was much easier; 46.

  35. Hey ProdigiesNation whats the song in this video really good choice

  36. Thank you so much just got a lugia andd articuno.

  37. Yesterday i caught a articuno. And today i tried to catch lugia. Every throw was a great or a excelent curve ball, but it still ran away. Fck my life :/

  38. Thanks for the tip! My excellent throws and curve balls are solid but I need to work on with my patience. Patience is key! Thanks for reminding me that 👍🏼

  39. Man i used golden raspberries, and had an excellent throw every time and I still didn't catch it.

  40. Tried your method, i have 2/3 lugia and 5/7 articuno. One interesting fact did this lugia today 5 excellent throws and 4 greats and still didnt got in. Did it ever happened to you or anybody else? I felt like it didnt want to go in hahah (that is what she said)

  41. The easiest way to catch a legend? Simple. Go to Chicago. XD

  42. Omg thanks so much for the tip first tyranitar raid for me and my bro caught it first try for both of us with an excellent throw😀😀👍

  43. Why are you nowhere in nicks video about Chicago?

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