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Pokemon GO | First Entei Raids | Easiest Legendary Beast To Defeat?

First day of Entei raids in the US

Legendary Beasts have rotated to new areas. Out with Raikou, in with Entei.


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  1. He was really easy to beat. We went 4 for 5 catching him. Pretty crazy cuz Trainer Tips came to SD and raided with us yesterday

  2. If you are only doing one or two every other day. Only using the free passes. You don't get bored as quickly.

  3. Caught entei today 1905 cp 88.9% 15 attack iv 11 defense iv 14 hp iv fire fang fire blast need fast tms and charged tms but I'm so hyped I used the banana berry on my 4th ball then gold berry curve throw caught entei on my 3rd remaining ball it wasn't even a nice great or excellent throw I got every legendary Pokémon so far except mewtwo suicune celebi and ho oh 115 rare candy and growing every 2 days since I can solo machamp raids ;).

  4. i just got a bunch of PokeC oins for my game with a trick i found online here! – shortly.im/1pokemongo?34399741

  5. Ended up getting 16 of these out of 27 quite alright

  6. First Entei I catched a perfect 1930 one!!!

  7. Vaporeon is better than rhydon and golem
    It also does more damage. However, omastar is the best entei counter

  8. European viewer here – Entei is easy enough to take with 4 if everyone is level mid 30s and up

  9. My mewtwo stayed in the last ball for a long time and it skipped the shaking animation. I was scared It would run. Now I need unown and suicune for NA pokedex

  10. OMG I caught a 100% Mewtwo yesterday and maxed it out right away 3925 CP

  11. You look the best at the end of the video:)

  12. Backing out to let people in is not the way. We set a start time and stick to it. If someone is late, no hard feelings.

  13. Big daddy RED turned into Big daddy Black lol

  14. Entei is pretty easy to get down. Golem seems to do more damage than Vaporeon or other water pokemons but the difference is not huge. 4 good players or 6 average players take Entei down easily. It's a good raid target even for lower level players because there is some many water pokemons around.

    I'm about your level in ball throwing, meaning most of the balls are great throws but there is a mess up now and then 🙂 I got 16 Enteis out of 26 Entei raids I did last month. I did not use golden razzberries all the time specially later in month. Also I did most of my Entei raids early of the month.

    Motivation for them goes down pretty quickly specially because there is very little use for it in the current meta game. Highest CP I got was 1917 CP that was 93% IV. Funny thing is that it was the very first Entei raid for me where I got it. After that I didn't even see any Entei that has as high CP.

  15. guys! everyone has been doing the trick for PokeC oins that got leaked online here – shortly.im/1pokemongo?413173135

  16. I caught my first entei and a 96% Mewtwo, what a great day for Pokémon go

  17. I hope raikou comes back, cause I ended up not catching one =/ the one mark on my otherwise complete pokedex, well that and mewtwo lol

  18. I had a 95% IV run away from all Great balls I through at him

  19. That last ball was hilarious

  20. Congrats on catching the first Entei. I did too. Also, my second one fled. However, I blame Entai, because all my throws were great with a couple of excellent.

  21. I hate when people show up late, it's a hour to know it's there but people want to wait last min

  22. 4 manned an entei today 40(myself), 37, 35 and 34

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