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Pokemon GO Gen 3 Hunting LIVE

Me and the kids go out on our first gen 3 hunt


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  1. Happy you're back on the air and hope your wife continues to improve.

  2. Bud it is not 15 attack. It was only 14 Attack sorry.

  3. Missed the streams because I've been ridiculously sick, so I'm glad you put them up to watch later! Also very glad to hear your wife is doing well 🙂

    I'm actually not really enjoying the weather spawns yet because it just increases the ones we always have! But once it rains or snows I'm sure I'll be very happy. So far our most common gen 3 seems to be roselia, it's everywhere!

  4. Love to have you back brother.
    Many blessings

  5. Dang I missed the stream but I'll make the next one

  6. awwwI miss the stream 🙁 but fine to see you paying with your family 😍

  7. So happy to hear your wife is getting better! Glad you are taking time to have fun with the kids. I am loving the weather spans too. Not seeing much Gen 3 in our rural area, but I am going to be patient. I did evolve a waterfall gyrados and that was very nice!

  8. I can't believe you deleted all those Pokémon without checking IV's!!! That's a huge NO NOOO!!  On a good note. Nice to see you are back. lol

  9. Hi Joe I'm glad christene is getting better …. as a rural player in the UK we had 1 poke stop as of 11th Dec 7pm g m t we now have 3 gyms and 5 poke stops have you noticed any new ones

  10. Thankfully the weather here changed to Cloudy, and I got my first Hitmontop 😍, 3 days on partly cloudy and only normal types 😂

  11. Damn, sad I missed the stream. I'm a somewhat new subscriber, but I love your videos man. Hopefully I can catch the next one? Do you have a Twitter that announces when you plan on streaming?

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