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Pokemon GO GENERATION 2 – SAVE THESE CANDIES NOW!!! (New Pokemon Gen 2)

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  1. lol I got 81 scyther candies I live next to a park with a scyther nest

  2. i am not even close to completeing the pokedex i can not deal with the 2nd gen

  3. There's a new update you can walk with your Pokemon now in Pokemon go I'm walking with my Charmander

  4. How do we even know generation 2 Pokémon are coming ?

  5. You probably already know this but the Buddy System has been released which you can select a particular Pokemon as a partner and after a certain distance it will gain candy for that Pokemon. Maybe that's how you will be able to evolve the Pokemon that require a high level of Friendship.

  6. Ha! Everyone is talking about these pokemon nests which are big places.
    My Bus stop is nowhere near a pokestop.
    My friends got their vaporeons and fearows there.

  7. I reckon your have to do what you do with evee and change the name to something like "KingsRock" for PoliToad

  8. Slowking and poliwhirl will be random like evee most likely instead of stones like how pikachu goes to raichu with candies not the lightning stone

  9. Ali I just cot a alikazam!!!!!

  10. Alia if u could comment in one of my vids that would be great I am your biggest

  11. thanks for the tips ali a your the best

  12. Why do u do clickbait? Can you please quit YouTube! Guys just watch Trainer Tips and not AliA the faggot. And I would be more than happy to allow these bots to infect this channels comment section :)

  13. oh well, my phone is rooted and can no longer work with Pokémon Go.. still on last update but they'll force update soon enough

  14. Why can you get eevee from a ten k???

  15. Ali-a plesa come to bermuda you can catch torus here

  16. intro is sponsored by FedEx 100% confirmed

  17. wats gunnar happen with the steal pokemon survey they can't make them just evolve stealix for example ???

  18. What's the intro song called?

  19. yoyoyooyoyooyoyooyooyoylyolyeo mbod

  20. Hey Ali, I love watching your videos. I don't know if it's just me but I've been having a hard time hearing you when the music is playing. I'd be much obliged if you could turn it down just a hair. Thx!

  21. When you live across from an electabuzz nest… ???

  22. Name tyrogue Bruce or Jackie. not sure how we should get hitmontop.

  23. I'm all for gen 2, but you know as soon as gen 3 comes in the end is nigh

  24. Wouldnt ditto just be used for breeding like in every pokemon game it would make alot of sense

  25. Jesus I hate your content it's mostly clickbait. stop showing up on my feed, but I do want generation 2!

  26. I report all your videos for being to cool

  27. I doubt they will hav deevolution

  28. ik all this anyway but good video for noobs

  29. I can't bother with Pokemon go now especially because of school

  30. I tire of posting the same comment on each of these Pokemon GO videos but I feel like if I think it maybe a few others do too… the background music is way too loud and overpowers Ali's commentary meaning I miss half of the things he saying just because I can't hear him. Not saying don't have background music just keep it at exactly that "background" music! Please read your damn comment section or your twitter.

  31. All the magmars and electabuzz I've got I've just powered up?

  32. Is it just me but why does Alia have a Doc Mcstuffins thing in his background.

  33. Reply – Instinct
    Like – Mystic
    Sub – Valor

  34. Porygon > Porygon 2 proilly will be 25 since there's Porygon Z in a later generation

  35. That's some serious tag whoring.

    Quality shit video, talking about assumptions that will not come true for that YT money.
    Pure cancer.

  36. I can hardly hear what you're saying… can you turn the music down a little?

  37. Grab yourself a bunch of FREE Pokemon Go Coins!
    Give this a LIKE if you got yours guys!!!

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