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Pokemon GO – I CRASHED MY $1000 DRONE…

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“One for the Good Times”
“What Time Is It” by X I X X
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  1. I have a level
    1245 vaporeon

  2. premiere pro cant accept mov diles only mp3,avi,mp4 use handbrake to convert from mov to mp4

  3. Do you have a pikachu???

  4. i randomly picked my team and it was the instincted

  5. LOL I'am level 10 and have 4 10km eggs

  6. I used to walk to school and it took almost one hour but if I'm playing Pokemon, I don't care how look it takes

  7. Preston I love your videos and im a pokemon go player. I'm team Insticnt and my best pokemon is a Flareon on 811 cp. i have your awesome Fire shirt in black. Keep it up RealPreston

  8. i know the owner of cick fil a HA

  9. i know the owner of cick fil a HA

  10. A model rocket landed on my head


  12. What's the download link for the dice game

  13. i have that suit i got it for hallow ween

  14. I have more Great balls then poke balls

  15. Let's play a game every 3rd like gets 1,000 million

  16. Everybody was just waiting for the drone to crash lol….

  17. Im lvl 16 and I have a 1021cp flararion and did not power up at all

  18. Does somebody knows what the name of the game that Preston played not Pokemon the dice game

  19. bruh preston im sorry but you just remind me of sid from ice age

  20. I have 76 regular pokeballs and 248 great balls so far

  21. So, I went to Disney World a few weeks ago and I took the boats a lot. While on those boats I caught 15 Magikarp… I'm working on it lol

  22. What app did they use for the dice game

  23. i got the pokemon when i was level 5

  24. My da has 60 great balls and 20 pokeballs!!!

  25. MAKE A UHC PLZ PRESTON!!!!!!!!

  26. Like Preston you rock you inspired me to be a YouTuber please check it out my YouTube channel is Brayden Sciscoe P.S. Not my actuall name

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