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Welcome to the Forty Ninth Episode of our Pokemon Go lets play! Here it is the episode from the Maldives but it doesn’t quite go to plan!

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  1. Chickorita is starter pokemon in season 3

  2. how do you get

  3. what's the odds. I am at Maldives also . I really like to meet you but I don't think we are on the same island ?

  4. What is this resort called

  5. evolve a dratini in to a dragonight

  6. Thought u were actually gonna be playing Pokemon go

  7. Why name it Pokemon go in paradise if it doesn't work ?

  8. Where are you at in this video?

  9. Trading a high level Pokemon go account with 2000+ cp Pokemon for 8 ball pool coins/account comment kik for more info. Or my KIK: BrendanB8BP

  10. \///\/// ((())) \///\/// PARADISE

  11. Its not shinies, there reverse holo cards. You get them in every pack, except breaks

  12. wow an ex and no good reaction and a good ex lolololololol

  13. Guys check out the 2nd episode. Link in the description

  14. Proposal shift happiness extreme

  15. ive got that exact shower haha

  16. Was there in the holidays, it's amazing

  17. Metagross and Manaphy are Legendary Pokemon

  18. @CapgunTomHD The Best Move Set for Gyarados that u can get is with Bite and Hydro Pump

  19. Tom has lost about 10 k subs because all he uploads is Pokemon go

  20. I'm surprised that u don't know alot of pokemon :v

  21. if you watch pat and jen there is the huts from the hunger games

  22. actually walk around you noob

  23. outdoor bed with a view of the ocean "what do you even use that for?" wise words from a virgin ?

  24. Just found out this is where most people are getting their pokecoins lol

  25. Vegetable immediately ball collection

  26. He doesn't realise how rare Manaphy EX is… It pains me

  27. If you want to catch Mewtwo then you need this https://t.co/ngv4S7Z1Zn

  28. Only way he got views is with those titties in the thumbnail

  29. Mechanism sexual early furniture friendly.

  30. Will dinner ship abroad slip external.

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