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Pokemon GO | Kyogre Throwing Technique | The Best Way To Consistently Get Great Throws

Kyogre is one of the toughest raid bosses to accurately hit so far. Use this technique to increase your odds of catching him.


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  1. Brrruuuh use AR mode is much easier

  2. Thank you for your great info, it's the easist way to catch Kyogre when he/she stay in left side if you throw anti-clockwise curve ball.

  3. A R mode is easiest way on this mon!

  4. Put your phone upside down the other way is work good

  5. I've read about this technique but this is the first time I found a video about it. Thanks for the great explanation. With all the luck in the world I'm 2 for 4 so far (without this technique, so I can only improve). Greetings from the Netherlands!

  6. A lot of people have been using AR+ to catch Kyogre, you can get close enough to it that you can throw great throws and hit Kyogre every time.

  7. No more intro? I actually kinda liked it. Are you making a new intro, or you longer going with one?

  8. I think dodging is a waste of time and energy. Unless there is a potion and revive shortage, there is not much point.

  9. Great info!! I'll have to try it.
    BDR I must say your editing has been so awesome lately. The montage and how you segued into it was smooth. Your slowmo explanation and arrow was great.
    Keep it up, and once again thanks for a great video. Your my main source of Pogo entertainment and news

  10. Lol had the same problem bro so I did the same thing great video keep em coming

  11. Good advice. No raides today for me but for sure i will try this tomorrow. Thanks.

  12. I'm 5 for 7 on kyogre… not bad if I do say so myself. Although all of them are below 80%, hey I'm not complaining.

  13. You obviously haven't heard about all the reports that you can never, or almost never, catch him on the sides.

  14. Thanks for the tips! I'm 0 for 1, so far. Only had 6 balls due to some confusion. I joined the Mystic crew as Instinct. o.O

  15. Thanks for the tip BDR, I was struggling too. have to try this out tomorrow

  16. I caught mine on the first ball, just a straight up throw, no curve ball.

  17. "GOD BLESS AMERICA"… its the best when you say that.

  18. This legendary is a bitch to catch😠

  19. Great advice. I use my iPad and for some reason even though I launch it as far as possible, the throw goes ridiculously short like its penalising me for throwing too hard! 1/3 so far so let's try this now 😁

  20. Just turn ar+ mode on then off and he won't move try it out!

  21. thanks for the video, had the hardest time catching it today

  22. I still prefer throwing when he's in the middle. I of course do the: Set the circle trick. (I throw counter clockwise as you do). After he attacks, I do a quick spin in the middle and throw it to the edge of the right side of my phone just around the middle of the screen. That way the ball tends to lend in the middle instead of going further left. Best of luck to you and your family with Kyogre 🙂

  23. Hey guys it would mean alot if you checked out my channel and subscribed.I post pokemon go videos.

  24. Arent you still dealt 25% damage when successfully dodging a charge move. Could this still be enough to one shot attackers from a raid boss?

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