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MUSIC: Rainclouds by Stupid Kids.

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  1. Tyranitar Iv where horrible. That's why I didn't go for the Golden Berries first. I think it was worth the try. Nothing to do with a Tyranitar that you won't power up.

  2. You look buff dude💪🏼 The gainzz is real brah !! Haha

  3. l got a bunch of Poke c oins with the trick i found shared here guys –

  4. love the Niantic Sucks part!

  5. 3:20 he said he just wants the TM to be honest so he got one and tyranitar told then fuck u nigga!

  6. Thanks for posting source for music.

  7. man this dude has serious issues get a girlfriend man lol

  8. I love the rain so thumbs down for that shit song

  9. lost 4 tyranitars, 1 flareon, 2 snorlaxes so far….. but my spirit still high! Valor power, baby!!!!

  10. The transformation between these videos and the videos half year ago is awesome!

  11. His throwing skills. WTF. Unreal

  12. Bro fuck mystic, they run the game rn it's so annoying

  13. I won't lie you deserved to miss it playing with those nanab berries when u had 101 golden razz berry 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. Caught 1 Tyranitar today and 1 fled. He's a feisty one. Your throws are on point. Throwing while he's coming out of an attack and still hitting the excellents.

  15. me and my brother did 2 turanitaur raids, i caught both and got 1 charge tm, my brother only 1, BUT WITH 100% IV!!!!

  16. respect to whoever it was using a Clefable in the Tyranitar raid lol 😁

  17. I'm sure she got some good stuff

  18. hey bro I like your eclipse! or talon which ever it is😁😎

  19. Did that guy with the 100% iv capture it?

  20. The only phone that is not having issues with the game right now is the iPhone 7+

  21. 6:49 "Why do you have a camera?" … "YOUTUBE" XD

  22. Me and my friend both got a tyranitar with 100% IV! 2097cp.

  23. This is so cool. Still haven't come across a big group of people for lv4 raids yet but hopefully will soon.

  24. ROFL NIANTIC SUCKS, U made me laugh, dropped a like man, keep it up!

  25. Niantic sucks 🤣😂😭😅🤣😂

  26. The best video. And you broke 30 k's. Congrats

  27. 6:52 reminds me of the movie bad Santa lol

  28. Niantic SUCKS at 7:16 and then my phone was overheated )))

  29. astonishing how people will still try to use nanab Berry's or other Berry's instead of just using a gold berry to from the very beginning. I've done several tyranitar boss battles and I've never seen anyone catch a tyranitar using other Berry's maybe except the razz.

  30. oh the music is back boizzzz 😅

  31. Sorry to see the Tyranitar fled. I had the same thing happened today with a Snorlax. As you always say, "It is what it is". What it is, SUCKS!

  32. that intro song was fire <3

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