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Pokemon Go Level 40 – Gym Battle: Steelix, Golem, Dragonite, Espeon

We take another shot at taking out Blissey with Exeggutor with Confusion and Solar Beam.
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Hitting Level 40 –



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  1. 2350 Lapras, Frost Breath/Ice Beam… wrecks dragonites.

  2. l have been using a new trick for getting my P oke Cøins check it out here –

  3. change the music in the background it's depressing and not exciting at all

  4. How do you keep managing to save up NINE 10k eggs so often? It's like every week. I buy incubators, walk a shit load and it still took me over a month to manage to fill up my egg space with all 10k's

  5. Espeon had some slow attacks where you couldn't spam as I saw. I also don't like him as a defender.

  6. hahaahah slap the dratini out of you xD

  7. So the Pinap Berry on a Pidgey with 5,800 something candies?

  8. Is there a method that you use to remember which gyms give out which eggs?

  9. See I told everyone last time when he hatched 9 10K eggs that there is a way to get only 10K eggs, no one believed me!

  10. do a blissey Vs snorlax video??!!??

  11. What the fudge is your buddy??
    plz say

  12. Ooohooohooooo I got a 15/15/14 (97/98%) 2105 cp Scyther and evolved to I think 2391 Scizor. Literally JUST got level 33 too, so I'm about to power it up more. Wait for it. Hmm 2570, not bad if I do say so myself 😛 Oh, also, bullet punch and iron head ofc (lucky meeee)

  13. Which Pokemon should use to defeat steelix

  14. yaaaaaaaaas 9×10 km vid inc! can't wait!

  15. looking forward to them 10k eggs bro. Im guessing a 💯% Larvitar✌ great video.

  16. Lol Joshysg is a spoofer…he placed his Pokemon here in Canterbury, England

  17. My best pokemon IS snorlax 2534

  18. If you are interested in Pokemon GO and have instagram, checkout pokegodk, about to reach 1k

  19. Pokemon is so fucking dead

  20. Level 40 Gym Battle? But i thought the max was Level 10. Must be spoofer 🤔

  21. Still keep same work 😎 👊 👌

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