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Pokemon Go Level 40 Hardcore XP Grind: Day – 1

Pokemon Go Level 40 since November 26, 2016.

Day 1of the Easter Event. The amount of Xp gained was on a 6 hour timespan.


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  1. Live stream later on tonight.

    P.S. That was the result of around 6 hrs of gameplay. Should be able to go hard tonight.

  2. yess man.You are right . Tyrannitar is overratef

  3. I got only 300k without evolves ofc incense and egg on. In 5h

  4. Why does he have lucky eggs when he is lv 40?

  5. Why do u get lucky eggs if u already max level?

  6. anyone can do the method for quick P 0 K E C 0 I N S shared here –

  7. I cant wait to have a fully maxed out ampharos and put in a gym. gonna look awesome

  8. curious. how much money have u spend on this game?

  9. What naming system do you use I saw some arrows

  10. Those lucky eggs omfg
    I'm lucky the first tyrogue I hatched was hp

  11. I finally hatched a lapras yesterday. I got it from a 2k!

  12. whats the music at the begining?

  13. you left out 1 very important info, how long did you play to get to over 1 million xp?

  14. I swear you cheating man lol

  15. dang Grinding Hard!!! KEEP it up! 👍

  16. I love to train with aqua tail vape against rhydon because you can literally dodge every attack 😊 while using your charge attacks as well

  17. Level 40 and still grinding? Wow thats really sad lol

  18. Funny you didn't show how you did it. Did you lure a bunch of pokestops and catch everything? Then evolve all your Pokémon?

  19. yesterday the april 14 for me
    2 days early then this video bearly started for you or is is a old video form 2 days
    not old but started 2 days ago

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