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Pokemon Go Plus Official Trailer

Learn about the features of the accessory.

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  1. Do people even play Pokemon GO anymore?

  2. i couldn't catch anything with this

  3. LOLL nearly a year too late

  4. People saying in the comments that the game died. I am a pokemon fan for a very long time. When this game was out, I was extremely hyped; however, I was rather disappointed on the lack of context the game had. I stopped playing after Gen 2 was released.

    What got me surprised is that there are still people playing this game. I'm glad that there are people that enjoy this today and I ok with that.

    Pokémon Go was a good experience for me, but I rather stay with the main series instead. I still hope that Pokémon Go can one day have what was promised ever since we saw that trailer back in summer.

  5. Hype died when they failed to bring updates fast enough

  6. pokemon go would still be as big as it was if they released this ALONGSIDE with the app. wth

  7. how many times does she want to say POKEEEMOOON fml americans

  8. If only it never got delayed the journey 2 B the very best like no-ene ever was would've continued a little longer.

  9. Fdps cade meu snorlax e meu lapras no ovo de 10

  10. is this suppose to be an earpiece???

  11. booooooooooooo boooooooooooooo

  12. my life has a reason again and for only 35$ shut up and take my money Nintendo D:

  13. So for 35 dallors it plays the game for you? Also what pokestops? Those don't exist

  14. They hatched a Gen 2 starter (which you can't do), hopefully we can start hatch high IV gen 2 starters asap, I have the candies but not enough good iv's.

  15. But I never go out…. Ever

  16. Where was this when the game first came out. Would have made mad money.

  17. I would buy this if it weren't for the white screen glitch that prevents me from playing…

  18. What? this video has the same likes and dislikes!

  19. Sold out during pre-order. A must have device…… When the game first launched! Keep this trash. Lol

  20. Only complete idiots will buy this

  21. What is this? A video you guys forgot to upload months ago…was it sitting behind the studio just chilling lol…..YALL LATE!!!

  22. this trailer is a bit late isn't it

  23. yea, sure, in 6 eggs to hatch those Pokemon. More like an Ekans, 2 Paras, a Sandshrew, and 2 pineco a normal 6

  24. $35 for something that flashes colors and vibrates
    oh sorry, it uses Bluetooth as well

  25. Don't act like you've got the game under control now. The reason everyone everyone stopped was because it was broken as shit and the only reason people stayed was because we all went "it's new it'll be fixed" or "it's got too many players they'll sort the servers out soon"

  26. Maybe this will so ppl from walking to their death, but it seems so expensive so why buy it when u can play the game already? 🤔
    I'm not a Pokemon fan so why am I asking 😝

  27. not worth it… 35 dollars, realy?????

  28. It's a lie. You can't put your phone is sleep mode. It's a bug

  29. Yeah because I want to use something that will reduce my phone battery more… right

  30. i Have it New Pokemon on my Channel

  31. oh boi i can imagine this getting annoying fast

  32. $34.99 wtf I thought it was $19.99 oh hell no lol

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