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Pokemon GO | What To Expect With New Gen 3 Flying/Dragon Event Featuring Rayquaza

Niantic announces a big new event. Get the details on what to look forward to here.


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  1. This event is literally LIT! Like it couldnt get better! And my 3rd ex raid sat!… Thanks for the info BDR! …u The man!

  2. But are the 3rd stage evolutions gonna appear in the wild forever, or just during this event… :/

  3. There was a legendary raid in finland yesterday

  4. This does seem super exciting. I would go so far as to say Niantic has definitely use the criteria of our criticisms, as evidenced by what we are dissipate will be available as boxes, not to mention the Luer times. Thank you for this update

  5. Gonna be an awesome next 2 weeks!! Really looking forward to your vids!!!!

  6. Consummate professional!!! *hears dog barking downstairs* “let’s focus on what Niantic is telling us about this update!” I love it BDR, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK MAN!

  7. Hopefully I'll catch enough Slakoth to evolve my perfect one. This is pretty nice event

  8. Am I the only person dreading the oncoming storm of Wingul?

  9. Awesome video. I cant wait to catch them all

  10. Wow this is a big event! I'm excited for everything but the legendary raids… Last legendary I was able to catch was ho oh. So iv been pretty bummed about the whole legendary raid part of pogo.. Thanks bdr for the vids as always!

  11. Can you ale a video about counters and other stats for rayquaza

  12. Hey BDR, I wanna see your dog! Love your vids too!

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