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Pokemon Go’s User Count Is Massive – IGN Daily Fix

Niantic reveals their monthly user count for Pokemon Go, Arnold Schwarzenegger passes on the new Predator Film and today’s biggest stories.

Pokemon Go Has 65 Million Monthly Users

Schwarzenegger Says No to Predator

Darksiders: Warmastered Aimed for Wii U

IGN’s Fate of the Furious Red Carpet Event!
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  1. Pokémon Go really? I haven't seen anybody play that since last year

  2. i want instagram of the chick yulo

  3. Naomi "too bad there's no way to say goodbye"

    me "than what's hasta a vista baby?"

  4. shitty rottale by shitttcel is already dead

  5. I dropped GO from the moment I got Pokemon Moon. I completely forgot about it from the moment Breath of The Wild, Splatoon 2, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 were announced for the Switch on the livestream. GO was fun for a while, but I got tired of Niantic's bullshit.

  6. I will sub to everyone who likes this comment and subs to me.. Grow your channel faster, and have a good time! 🙂

  7. That's pretty much 1 in 5

  8. Who doesn't love Naomi? she is a beautiful blonde working at a fantastic job.I would love to work at IGN with her.Your the best.❤👏

  9. People stop being creepy! Stop filling the comment section with stuff you might see a stalker say!

  10. For the longest time i saw stuff like "Does anyone still play Pokemon Go". These people seem dumb. 1. To enjoy Pokemon GO decent weather is REQUIRED,and that doesn't happen much during late Autumn and Winter. 2.Just because the bandwaggoners left doesn't mean no one is playing the game anymore.

  11. No way that many people play pokemon go each month. No way.

  12. I usually play it once or twice a week with a friend, nice walk right around town.

  13. I play Pokemon Go every morning on my way to work

  14. No why for Wii U this is the 3rd party switch needs

  15. Well when you compare to launch it is dead

  16. Niantic says they have 65 million "active" monthly users. How is active defined and how many people are counted for logging in for five minutes once a month or so to check out new features.

  17. thanks again Naomi thants a shame arni not in it get of the movie 😃👍👍

  18. Can any body subscribe please I have no sub 😭

  19. Why does she keep saying "Swarzenigger" hahahahaha

  20. Highly doubt people are playing like they used to. Likely signing on once or twice while out doing whatever. My town used to have people allover the streets of all ages playing. The cops pulled me over one time and the first thing he asked was " you're playing pokemon go aren't you" lol. Now it's completely dead where I live. Was fun for a week.

  21. I stopped playing pokemon go because my phone caught on fire. No joke.

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