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Potions are now dropping from raids. Are they worth it, if they diminish rarer items?SUPPORT MY CHANNEL:
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  1. Don't think they should've nerfed the rare candies or the golden razz!!! Potions are much appreciated, but candies and golden razz can't be found from pokestop grinding

  2. If they are gonna cut back on an item it's the revives

  3. Add them is good just need to have thrm give even

  4. Actually not to sad having hundreds of golden razzes and rare candies was crazy and made maxing out Legendaries day one to easy. but super potions and not max potions is stupid nobody wants them

  5. Just don`t get your interest in how "we feel down below", dude. Otherwise, great vid!

  6. I prefer rare candies, golden razz, and TM's from raids, sorta miffed of the change the last days.

  7. I had it happen to me that when i was catching a Zapdos, my game crashed. When i started again and went back to catching the zapdos, it was a higher CP. Can this be a strat to manipulate the IVs of the legendaries maybe?

  8. Totally agree! Go to hell with potions!!!

  9. Potions are items that you toss away after having too much items in the bag I personally keep 5-10 hyper or max potions for raid battles but other than that they are pretty garbage and it is pretty apparent that the drops have been lowered drastically I have done almost every raid and this kills my motive to do raid since I will only be doing them to get the RAID EXCLUSIVE ITEMS not freaking potions which you can get from pokestops… Pretty pissed about this update.

  10. Want potions and revives? Go to Pokestops. Unless they start giving out rare candies, golden razz berries and TMs away in Pokestops (albeit at very small drop rates) this addition is terrible to the game.

  11. 6 legendary raids….5 rare candies😑😑😑

  12. Never take stuff away. Always add. Upset the golden berries and rare candies were nerfed.

  13. Get rid of revives add potions

  14. with so many potions from pokestops I'm going to have to start throwing out potions again, give us a place to send them for coins or candy or something…

  15. Initially i thought it was ok to help people who need more potions. But i just came from a Tyra raid, and all i got was great & hyper potions and revives, and i got 12 premier balls (which based on the latest raid rewards info from Silph, gives me the max # of bundles). NO rare candy or golden razz, which super sucks. I think the idea of giving out potions as rewards is ok, they just really need to fix the execution / distribution mix of it, to have a good mix of the rare stuff (TMs, candy, golden razz).

  16. Did 4 raids today, got 0 razzes, 20 super potions, 25 hyper potions, 7 rare candies, 50 revives and 3 charge TMs It was 3 tier 4 and 1 tier 5 raids–drop rates for good items have been significantly dropped. I ended up deleting all of the revives and potions, so it's just them nerfing raid drops.

  17. I've never had a problem with having enough potions. TMs and rare candies are the main reason I do raids. Today I took part in a tier 5 raid and got 10 revives, 15 super potions and just 3 rare candy…. Rubbish.

  18. dont like potions, if i need potions i got them from stop but this is useful for rural players because they dont have many stops around they area. so its better for them.

  19. Potions from raids is very helpful 😁

  20. More potions for me to delete great..

  21. mystic 7 is so gay i cant stand him. I had to say it

  22. I think potions are good but the better way to do it would be to change the Revives that you get to Max Revives

  23. Butterfree is awesome. Great choice. (Y)

  24. love the face he makes when he hits an excellent throw 😀

  25. Lvl 30+to raid so they can give better rewards i dont Want potions cause just transfering them anyway😕need rare candy and tms

  26. 10k exp from raids why not give us 5k stardust per legendary raid

  27. Since the legendaries were very tough to catch, the only thing good abt the legendary raids was that we get loads of tms,golden razz and candies… Now they've bought in stupid potions along with useless revives…good job niandick 😒

  28. onix nest at public square park / courthouse in nashville right now i caught 18 in about 2 hours

  29. took down a Lugia and Zapdos raid got one golden raz and three candies in both combined. needless to say i could not catch either because they broke out every time when i previously was 4/5 on Lugia and 6/7 on Zapdos.

  30. I think it's a big rip off that you can get items in raids that you can usually get from spinning a pokee stop. The other big rip off is when using a raid pass you can waste one just looking to see who's in the lobby then you don't get a pass back if you don't even get to battle Due to the lack of people joining or not enough spoofers 😂

  31. I don't like that we can get potions on the Raids, those items are not special or even rare that you won't get them at the pokestops, unlike TM's or Rare Candies or even Golden Razz. I was even bugged they give revives. Niantic should increment the potion rate in pokestops and just keep only TM's, Razz and Candies on the raids.

  32. That excellent throw face 🖒🖒🖒

  33. They should add lucky egg and incubator as a raid reward it would certainly help everyone 🙂

  34. The battle music is too loud compared to your normal audio (your voice).

  35. potions as a Raid winning gift sucks, it's reducing Tms and rare candies drop rate. sucks.

  36. I don't understand how you would need more potions I have to throw them away all the time and I have never said wow I wish I hadn't thrown away those potions.. the reason I do legendary raids is for the rare candies and TM's …

  37. I like it when he does that face when he hits an excellent throw. please do more if it

  38. Yep!! It sucks!!!!!!!!! No golden raspberries any more!! If you are doing a lot of raids the potions are nice but no berries to use on them.

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