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  1. This trick is to take your Pokemon to level 40. Not save you candies and Stardust lol.

  2. I am not mewtwo you fool!

  3. your stardust doesnt seem to go down? it stays on 1173652

  4. I’m a lvl 23 n I got my Snorlax to 2400cp…Am I gonna get banned?

  5. ah i see. so you're basically showing client side that the pokemon is gaining CP and levels, but serverside it doesnt recognize the cp/level gain. when you reconnect the last time and power up the last time it gains all the cp/levels from the airplane mode plus the last time to hit level 40 and max cp.

  6. BIG THANKS FOR THIS IDOL as i watch the video closely the stardust never decrease

  7. The second time if i do it it says error…

  8. Cool but I would never do it

  9. Can we use it for evolving any Pokemon without sacrificing our candies and stardust? ¿?¿

  10. why is level 40 a thing when you’re not supposed to get pokemon to it? I feel like niantic should allow level 40 players to get their pokemon to level 40

  11. This dude bots hardcore. If you don't see that, you're a Moron.

  12. It’s really too bad you don’t explicitly explain what the incentive is to doing this.

  13. That took WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too long to explain.

  14. Only works for level 39????

    I used this trick in level 35 but the XP points dissapear when i restart the app

  15. I remember some of the people who did the two phone trick got banned. Not warned but banned. This seems like a sure fire way to get red warned for the next 7-10 days

  16. Seeing tons of confused people and info, let me try to clear some things up… you need to be TL38 before maxing to 40, not TL39… the last 2 powerups (39-39.5-40) cost their own amounts of 10,000 stardust and 15 candy each, making the total from 38.5-40 be 42 candy and 29k dust, the dust and candy won't disappear until you do the trick without airplane mode or reset your app, you can use this trick on any TL to get past the normal cap of 1.5 levels above your TL, you can get 1 extra and always be 2 levels ahead, and that's the true max, and you can't go past 40… using this trick won't get you in trouble because niantic actually screwed up the coding for the button and caused the glitch that makes it disappear at 39 and 39.5, it's actually never supposed to disappear but since such a small percentage of players make it high enough for this to matter they just don't care… they've said when it comes time to fix it finally they will either let everyone go to 40 or take all 40s back to 39, either way you won't get banned for this and it's been around since the beginning of the game

  17. Really Frieza I know the reference but I don't watch the anime

  18. It worked once and didn't work again on my Tiranatar

  19. I did this trick but the game eat all offerte my stardust 😭

  20. Exploiting glitch and bugs banable offence

  21. Can someone please explain the spinarak part? What is he trying to show?

  22. Hi, can i do it on level 38?

  23. Not sure if somebody asked this already but does this work on the Iphone with ios 11?

  24. If your not max level

    like say 30,

    can you power up your mons to like 35?

  25. Yeah.. this is totally cheating why can't everyone just play fair? What's the fun in cheating?

  26. I can't do this with my GS8 plus. You have to have a physical home button

  27. Wait I'm 38 and I got it to level 40… Or maybe not…I'm gonna tweet u

  28. This is now a horrible waste of candies and dust, since gyms are no longer sorted by CP. CP literally doesn't matter now.
    I only did this to my 98% Dragonite before, just so it sat above all those botters' 100% ones (3530 CP) in gyms, which prevented me from being team-killed or shaved, especially after Tyranitar came with Gen 2.

  29. o m g blissey named Side Chick!

  30. so sad, im the only legit player, i used to look up to u and want to meet u, now i reck u, my 39 account will always be better than u and hyosh, please dont do this again, im a real player in a small town, so disappointing ur so good, dont aid to scrubs, love ur real content

  31. look at the coin here 6:11 and then here 7:20 nice troll it his good edited but you cant foll my

  32. Do you play Clash royale?

  33. Nice it works to give my pokemon that extra .5 level of my current level 🙂

  34. Does the 3 phone thing still work an if so does it let u powe up 3 times while only consuming the amount of stardust for 1 power up

  35. does this affect the calculation of damage and defense? are you sure or its only visual bug. the formula of the damage and defense calculation dont need cp so i think this is useless thanks anyways

  36. HP stayed @ 98 with the Alakazam so it's only visual for the CP but has no other benefits.

  37. Should title this. How to waste your stardust like a pro!!

  38. after you restart the game, the dust returns what it really should be

  39. Will it work on devices with no home button like iPhone X?

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