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Preparing for the Regi Raids | Gen 3 Pokemon GO

This is a clip from 3/8 livestream of Swag Tips where I covered the best counters to our next potential tier 5 raids. This particular clip goes over the best counters to the Legendary Titans, Regirock, Registeel, and Regice raid bosses. The first part of the stream covers counters to Latios and Latias raids and is linked below.

Latios and Latias Counters:

Album of Graphs:

Simulation data is from

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  4. Swag tips i always thought dragon pokemon resisted bug moves until people suggested scizor to ise against latios latias lol

  5. I only realised that rock types don’t resist rock moves when I found out that Golem is super effective against the new aerodactyl raid boss with rock moves. I don’t blame you for getting it wrong at first!

  6. So many videos lately. I like it!

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