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SECOND PERFECT 10KM EGG HATCH! Pokemon GO EGG-onomics! How Many Pokecoins Does It Cost to Get Wynaut

I’m a big fan of math and there is some very interesting math in this video. I’ve said for a long time this game is too expensive and only the elite can actually play it to the fullest potential. The math in this video was presented to me by a long time friend and fellow trainer
named Steve from the EDH PoGO group locally. Steve confirmed what I’ve been saying for a long time: It costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars to complete this game and it’s actually not even possible if you consider the rate they drop new generations and change Pokemon availability. In this video we use the example of how much would it cost to hatch a Wynaut. The results are actually shocking. Please say “Thank You Steve” in the comments if you actually read this. Thanks! 😀

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