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Red Bank is a massive Pokemon Playground! In this episode, Matt, Alli, and I travel to Red Bank! Taking advantage of the Equinox Event’s super incubators and double stardust, we set out to grind some Pokemon catches. Luckily, Red Bank usually has lures completely lit throughout the whole park when a new event starts, such as this Equinox Event. I meet so many awesome Pokemon Trainers!! It was truly wonderful to hang out and meet all of you guys. Matt, Alli, and I play the WHO’S THAT EGG POKEMON game and watch a beautiful sunset. I can’t wait for my next Red Bank Adventure!!

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  1. Playing this egg game makes you lose your minds trying to remember 700 different Pokemon sounds lol

  2. Ya I guess I need to go there again during an event. I used to go all the time only place really for serious grinding but the last couple of nests they had there were really disappointing so I got burned out on the place. Can't drive because of medical reasons so I hope I can drive again before Halloween event.

  3. Aaaand again, I fell in love with you…

  4. This park was insane last summer. My first visit in late July of 2016 must have had 2000+ people playing PoGo, with crazy rare spawn after spawn. It was just epic watch hundreds of people sprinting for a Snorlax, then a Lapras and on and on. Made one more trip down last year in September, just as good, but the crowd had already fallen off a lot. It's a solid 90min drive from my home in Somerset County NJ. If you do visit, make sure you go to the Red Bank Park on the Delaware River by Philly and not the town of Red Bank in Monmouth County NJ. It's a cool town and a lot of fun, but not the ultra Pokemon destination that the park is.

    Thanks for the fun video Holly, you are so awesome!

  5. I swear everytime you play the egg game, I be killing it! All those years playing Pokemon yellow and gold did me good lol. Anyways, awesome video Holly. I love how you're not shy in your videos. I need to learn from you.

  6. I really like that one persons dragonair tattoo. I used to have that card it’s from when I was younger.

  7. Oh wow, so that's red bank! I hear so many good things but I haven't been there yet. I gotta get out there, it's not too far away.

  8. Earlier morning I made it over 1.4m stardust

  9. Not to be a geography snob but Red Bank battlefield is a county park in the town of National Park in New Jersey. Red Bank, NJ is actually a shore town in north New Jersey. I love that park that’s where I caught a porygon a few weeks after the release.

  10. Video is cool but why are you so serious in your videos 😕

  11. And another awesome vid of course, great job ma dude..hit me up next time ur in NJ, U gotta come out ta Saddle Brook park NJ if u wanna see Poke Heaven!!…good job tho!!

  12. I just realized I haven't seen a toros in almost a year. Damn these things are rare…

  13. I'm so jealous of the community you have there!

  14. Redbank is the best. Completed most of dex there. Keep up the good work.

  15. Those shorts tho…….more long shots men are visual, stay consistent with it and more ppl will sub. I will re sub when you listen.

  16. I am terrible at the egg hatch game! Anyways, I met an older gentleman this past Spring who is a level 40 and plays regularly at Red Bank and told me I had to go there because it's so great for playing Pokémon Go. He was featured in a newspaper article about it also. He is originally from my area (Binghamton, NY), was visiting family here and joined our local Facebook group. I spent an afternoon with him and he taught me many things with the game and we took over a bunch of gyms. I have yet to get to Red Bank but it's on my list! I am loving your videos too 💖

  17. You should visit the Toms River raid squad!

  18. I need to hit up red bank! Nice video!

  19. Anybody else have to go listen to "ok i believe you but my tommy gun don't" by brand new after seeing Matts phone case?

  20. Man that is the same park where I got 4 larvitar 5 mareep a flaaffy 3 Lapras a Muk 4 gyarados 2 consecutive feraligatr 1 million dratini 10 dragonair 2 dragonites I lost tyranitars on trackers and many other Pokemon. Great place for anytime in the game except for raids

  21. Matt has a sick Deja Entendu phone case

  22. I was there that day, there were lures throughout the entire park all day; it was absolutely insane. Caught a couple Flaafies through the lures. I definitely recommend it for anyone. Awesome vid!

  23. Slowly improving at the egg game. Porygon is the only one I can pick consistently

  24. Thanks Holly! I've always wanted to know what red bank Park is like. Wasn't able to make it to the DELCO red bank day but maybe I'll make it down there at some point!

  25. Colour your hair yellow now…

  26. Make a picture of Murkrow plsssss… out of mind with your AR photos. Amazing 🙂

  27. I’m horrible at the egg game it’s kinda sad😢

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