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One of the macro shots i managed to get in the photowalk i went for around the campus early in the morning after a nightout. This small insect caught my attention when viewed through the lens and reminded me of a pokemon called "Yanma". 😀 Posted by sivasubrahmanyam on 2011-09-02 16:53:27 Tagged: , macro , pokemon , nostalgia , photowalk …

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Posted by gcacho on 2016-06-10 04:14:58 Tagged: , Pokemon , Go

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Custom Lego Mewtwo


Well, since the Mewtwo DLC is out for us Club Nintendo members, I decided to make one of my favorite pokemon into lego! Now I know the head isn’t 100% good, but it’s fine to me. By the way this goes out to my good friend Luigifan10, who’s so opened minded to stuff that’s not nintendo and totally did NOT …

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Posted by gcacho on 2016-06-10 04:14:55 Tagged: , Pokemon , Go

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Wild Ampharos


Went to glen finglas to take photos for the bike race! It’s a beautiful place! I was so out of breath climbing though. =w=;; Posted by .::Avalon Jane::. on 2014-09-04 17:21:04 Tagged: , ampharos , pokemon , pokedoll , plushie , デンăƒȘăƒ„ă‚Š , Denryu , ăƒă‚±ăƒąăƒł , moss

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Go Derpanine!


via Tumblr… Posted by pokemon4u on 2014-11-01 20:13:04 Tagged: , pokemon , funny

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BONUS! 005 Charmeleon


So after completing Ivysaur for the show I couldn’t let the other middle children go without attention! Oh and prints available hurr: Posted by kolbisneat on 2012-05-16 11:55:10 Tagged: , Charmeleon , Pokemon Battle Royale , Pokemon , Illustration , Middle Child , Kolbisneat

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22/365,VIEW LARGE Me and Brandon won him in the claw machine at walmart. His name is Pablo C: We were really happy. Happy enough that about 5 workers came over and asked what was going on… xD And we believe he is a piplup leave notes? :] Facebook Tumblr Formspring "Like this" Stickam Posted by Eric Bishop Photography on 2010-08-30 …

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I drew this background for Emma’s laptop this morning using Illustrator. I got her sucked into my Pokemon mood, so I think this might increase that. We were supposed to go to Toronto Island today, but I kinda want to just sit at home with her and play pokemon 😐 haha Posted by englandbeckham7 on 2010-08-01 13:30:31 Tagged: , Pokemon …

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My shoes.


Go Pokemon ^^ Posted by neferkimi on 2007-02-20 10:14:11 Tagged: , fun , life , me , kim , shoes , thinking , comtemplation , pokemon , converse

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